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Quizzes submitted by garrett

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1  Hillary Clinton: First Lady & BeyondAmerican Government, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  garrett24761.4
2 The Addams Family BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett80374.8
3 The Addams Family Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett79174.2
4 All in the Family BasicsAll in the Family  garrett98390.1
5 American Revolutionary War BasicsAmerican Revolutionary War  garrett4,04370.2
6 Animation Grab Bag #1Animated TV Series & Cartoons  garrett15873.8
7 Best Western FilmsWestern Movies  garrett63169.4
8 The Beverly Hillbillies Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett73789.6
9 Big Band Grab Bag #1Big Band  garrett1,17444.5
10 Bob Marley: The Reggae MasterReggaeBob Marley  garrett27670.3
11 Breaking Bad (Part 2) Seasons 1-3American TV Dramas  garrett17073.2
12 Breaking Bad - Seasons 1-2American TV Dramas, TV Dramadey  garrett25351.1
13 Buddhism BasicsBuddhism  garrett28657.4
14 Cartoon Characters Name GameAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  garrett29663.6
15 Cheers' BasicsCheers  garrett55576.3
16 College Basketball Grab Bag #1College Basketball - Men's  garrett31054.9
17 College Basketball Grab Bag #2College Basketball - Men's  garrett20560.4
18 College Football Grab Bag #1College Football  garrett36452.1
19 College Football Grab Bag #2College Football  garrett31953.2
20 College Football Grab Bag #3College Football  garrett20255.2
21 College Football Grab Bag #4College Football  garrett24559.6
22 Comedian's QuotesComedians  garrett26664.8
23 Ellen DeGeneres: Career HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, ComediansEllen DeGeneres  garrett9041
24 Florida Gators Football History & FactsSEC Football  garrett2,65853
25 Hillary Clinton: Her Early LifeAmerican Government, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  garrett15661.7
26 Hockey - Odds & EndsNHL Hockey  garrett32541.4
27 Howard Stern Show Wack Pack Character Match-UpTV, Radio & Stage  garrett9391.7
28 John McCain: His Early LifeAmerican History, American GovernmentJohn S McCain  garrett12943.1
29 Leave it to Beaver BasicsLeave it to Beaver  garrett93991.9
30 Major League Baseball's First "Taters"Major League Baseball  garrett19253.5
31 Major League Baseball: World Series PitchingMajor League Baseball  garrett12242.9
32 Masters Tournament FirstsGolf  garrett18640.4
33 Masters Tournament Firsts #2Golf  garrett5839.8
34 Movie Stars Originally in Soap OperasMovie Stars, TV Soap Operas  garrett12343.2
35 The Munsters BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett84068.8
36 NCAA Hoops Tournament First Time ChampsCollege Basketball - Men's  garrett6657.7
37 NFL Individual Scoring FirstsNFL Football  garrett16730.8
38 NHL Hockey - Most Points, Goals and AssistsNHL Hockey  garrett16348.8
39 Notre Dame Fightin' Irish Football History & FactsFBS Independents  garrett50250.1
40 The Rolling Stones BasicsRock -n- Roll  garrett12373.3
41 Soccer History - World Cup and MoreSoccer  garrett63556.9
42 Songs About SaraMusic  garrett2645
43 The Three Stooges: Curly HowardThe Three StoogesCurly Howard  garrett47961.3
44 The Three Stooges: Curly Joe DeRitaThe Three StoogesCurly Joe DeRita  garrett11848.2
45 The Three Stooges: Joe BesserThe Three StoogesJoe Besser  garrett8151.2
46 The Three Stooges: Larry FineThe Three StoogesLarry Fine  garrett24463.1
47 The Three Stooges: Moe HowardThe Three StoogesMoe Howard  garrett30749.3
48 The Three Stooges: Part 1The Three Stooges  garrett1,18163.5
49 The Three Stooges: Shemp HowardThe Three StoogesShemp Howard  garrett30458
50 Three's Company Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  garrett51291.3
51 William Henry Harrison: 9th U.S. PresidentAmerican Presidents, World LeadersWilliam H Harrison  garrett42665.8
52 The Wizard of Oz Character MatchFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  garrett50787.7

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