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Trivia Quiz - Breaking Bad (Part 2) Seasons 1-3

Hey Breaking Bad fans, come here and test yourself on how many of these key points you know or remember from season's 1 through 3

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Date Submitted: July 11, 2011
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Author: garrett
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Breaking Bad (Part 2) Seasons 1 3
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1. Where does Jesse hide the meth in season 2?
  A.   in his vacuum cleaner
  B.   under the kitchen sink
  C.   under the RV
  D.   in his stereo speaker

2. When Walt brings food over, Skylar is unacceptable of having him over for dinner and Walt angrily throws the food on the roof as he leaves. What food did he bring over?
  A.   chinese
  B.   pizza
  C.   sea food
  D.   chicken

3. Victor states sternly that Walt and Jesse need to cook how many pounds of meth per week?
  A.   200
  B.   225
  C.   50
  D.   100

4. Jesse tells Walt that he didn't smoke all the meth that they were going to sell and throws his half of the money in his face and walks away. How much money is Walt's half?
  A.   two thousand dollars
  B.   one thousand dollars
  C.   three thousand and four hundred dollars
  D.   four thousand dollars

5. Who in "Breaking Bad" has a serious problem with shoplifting?
  A.   Marie
  B.   Skylar
  C.   Walter Jr
  D.   Skinny Pete

6. Walt explains to Gail that he would prefer a different lab partner than him to cook meth with because he thinks their rhythm doesn't quite work. Walt uses the analogy of music to explain that he is more classical and Gail is more of what?
  A.   jazz
  B.   rock
  C.   reggae
  D.   heavy metal

7. Walt tells Jesse that they need acid to dissolve the two bodies they have on their hands. Which type of acid does he tell him they need?
  A.   nitric acid
  B.   sulfuric acid
  C.   hydroflouric acid
  D.   hydrochloric acid

8. How do Walt and Jesse try to poison Tuco with the tampered meth?
  A.   they convince him to snort it
  B.   they slip it in his burger at the bar when he goes to the restroom
  C.   they slip it in his burrito that me made while his back was turned
  D.   they convince him to inject it

9. How much money does Gus offer Walt for 3 months of lab work cooking meth?
  A.   three point five million dollars
  B.   two million dollars
  C.   eight hundred thousand dollars
  D.   three million dollars

10. Walt gets rather angry with Gail because he screwed up by setting the temperature to seventy five degrees celsius on a machine in the lab that is prominent for cooking meth. What temperature was he supposed to set it to?
  A.   eighty five degrees celsius
  B.   eighty degrees celsius
  C.   ninety five degrees celsius
  D.   one hundred and five degrees celsius®   

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