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Trivia Quiz - All in the Family Basics

You're a dingbat if you can't get these right about All in the Family! -danalee

Quiz Number: 378
Date Submitted: May 10, 2006
Quiz Categories: All in the Family
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 90.1 percent
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All in the Family Basics
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1. What was Archie's part-time job?
  A.   janitor
  B.   cab driver
  C.   candy maker
  D.   window washer

2. Who was Archie's favorite bowling buddy?
  A.   Sam
  B.   Ralph
  C.   Roger
  D.   Barney

3. What does Sammy Davis Jr. do at the split second that Edith snaps a picture of Archie and him together?
  A.   he kisses Archie on the cheek
  B.   he makes a funny face
  C.   he pats Archie on the butt
  D.   he says CHEESE!

4. What was the last name of the folks next door?
  A.   Smith
  B.   Cohen
  C.   Gomez
  D.   Jefferson

5. What was Archie's nickname for his son in-law Michael?
  A.   Chump
  B.   Dumbell
  C.   Dingbat
  D.   Meathead

6. What's Archie's affectionate nickname for his daughter Gloria?
  A.   sweetie
  B.   cutie
  C.   little girl
  D.   honey

7. What is the name of Gloria and Mike's little boy?
  A.   Joey
  B.   Bobby
  C.   Tommy
  D.   Billy

8. From the basic living room view that the viewer always sees, which chair is Archie's - the one on the right or the one on the left?
  A.   Left
  B.   Right
  C.   Neither
  D.   Both

9. What is the name of the bar that Archie frequents?
  A.   The Alibi Bar
  B.   Old Town Cafe
  C.   Larry's Place
  D.   Kelcy's

10. What is Archie's full-time job?
  A.   foreman on the loading dock
  B.   bus driver
  C.   sewer worker
  D.   garbage collector®   

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