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Trivia Quizzes - American Government

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1  Hillary Clinton: First Lady & BeyondAmerican Government, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  garrett21359.6
2 A Patriotic Quiz about the Declaration of IndependenceAmerican History, American Revolutionary War, American Government, American Founding Fathers  tazzytina4,04655.4
3 America the Beautiful Quarters ChallengeAmerican Government  FRANKL19655460.4
4 American Flag Facts & HistoryAmerican History, American Government, American Culture, North American Geography  tazzytina8,71079.3
5 American Government 101American Government  Samurai Sam3,03467
6 Barack Obama: First Black US PresidentAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, American GovernmentBarack Obama  dartjock13664.7
7 Barney Frank: Massachusetts CongresspersonAmerican GovernmentBarney Frank  patrickryan1364.6
8 Bob DoleAmerican GovernmentBob Dole  dartjock3742.2
9 Caroline Kennedy: American Royalty?American GovernmentCaroline Kennedy  lmcubs10853.4
10 Condaleeza Rice - Vibrant Secretary of StateHistory, American History, American Government  grant2281100
11 DeWitt Clinton: Digger of the DitchAmerican History, American GovernmentDewitt Clinton  patrickryan1255.8
12 Fair Tax FactsAmerican Government, American Culture  bill8360.6
13 Famous Faces on American CurrencyAmerican Government  dana69457.3
14 Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: A Convenient MarriageAmerican History, American Presidents, American Government, Presidential First Ladies  grant22833959.1
15 Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts: Part 3American Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, American GovernmentFranklin D Roosevelt  patrickryan38659.4
16 Franklin Roosevelt: Pre-Presidential FactsAmerican GovernmentFranklin D Roosevelt  grant22810550
17 Hillary Clinton: Her Early LifeAmerican Government, Presidential First LadiesHillary Clinton  garrett14161.3
18 John McCain: His Early LifeAmerican History, American GovernmentJohn McCain  garrett12343.1
19 Landmark Supreme Court CasesAmerican History, Crime & Law, American Government  Samurai Sam8452.3
20 Mitt RomneyBusiness, American GovernmentMitt Romney  bill15063.7
21 Original U.S. State CapitalsAmerican Government  dartjock1933.2
22 Quotes about PoliticiansAmerican Government, American Culture  patrickryan4133.7
23 Quotes about Politicians: Part IIAmerican Government, American Culture  patrickryan2356.5
24 Robert C. Byrd: American StatesmanAmerican GovernmentRobert C. Byrd  scarlettem4270.2
25 Robert F. KennedyHistory, American History, American GovernmentRobert F Kennedy  grant2281467.9
26 Rod Blagojevich: Corrupt Governor or Patsy?American History, American GovernmentRod Blagojevich  Samurai Sam2141.9
27 Ronald Reagan: Before He Was PresidentMovie Stars, American GovernmentRonald Reagan  bill17261.2
28 Sarah Palin: Fiesty GOP Leader!American GovernmentSarah L Palin  bill1,34856.6
29 Some Corrupt Politicians - Redundant?Crime & Law, American Government, American Culture  patrickryan3754.3
30 Supreme Court of the United StatesAmerican Government  bill3776.2
31 Ted Kennedy: Influential SenatorWorld Leaders, American GovernmentTed Kennedy  bill7352.2
32 The Kennedys: The Fourth GenerationHistory, American Government  lmcubs14276.5
33 U.S. Constitution: Amendment ChallengeAmerican History, American Government  FRANKL196516963.3
34 U.S. Presidents Related to U.S. PresidentsAmerican Presidents, American Government  LittleLady8739.7
35 U.S. Presidents: Before They Were PresidentAmerican Presidents, American Government  LittleLady55033
36 United States CongressAmerican Government  bill2887.1
37 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 1American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author1,04176.9
38 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 2American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author1,08577.8
39 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 3American Government, North American Geography  Secret_Author32075.8
40 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 4American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author11280
41 United States of America: State Capitals: Part 5American Government, U.S. States  Secret_Author16981.2
42 Vice Presidential LosersAmerican History, American Presidents, American Vice Presidents, American Government  dartjock3685.3
43 William Wheeler - Stuck with the US Vice PresidencyAmerican Vice Presidents, American GovernmentWilliam Wheeler  patrickryan865
44 Women in American PoliticsAmerican Government  dartjock2050

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