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Trivia Quizzes - Musical Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Grease 2: The Music & Feeling Go On!Musical Movies  AllieBug16169.9
2 Grease: Fun Facts!Musical Movies  AllieBug66378.1
3 Grease: More Fun About the Classic Movie!Musical Movies  ravioli85069.6
4 Guys and Dolls Movie CastMusical Movies  LittleLady7957.2
5 Meet Me In St. Louis: Part 1Musical Movies  zendyk6665.8
6 Meet Me In St. Louis: Part 2Musical Movies  zendyk12968
7 Meet Me In St. Louis: The MusicMusic, Musical Movies  zendyk3445.9
8 The Sound of Music: The Hills are AliveMusical Movies  lmcubs20370.4
9 The Sound of Music: The Hills are Alive #2Musical Movies  BubblyJolie17059
10 The Wizard Of Oz Cast and CrewFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  tkellz32847
11 The Wizard of Oz Character MatchFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  garrett39187.1
12 The Wizard of Oz QuotesFantasy Movies, Musical Movies  bill1,03163.8
13 The Wizard of Oz Quotes: Part 2Musical Movies, Fantasy Movies  bill19469.7
14 West Side StoryBroadway, Musical Movies  lmcubs16061.1
15 White Christmas: Irving Berlin ClassicMusical Movies, Christmas Movies  lmcubs16678.2
16 Yankee Doodle DandyAmerican Culture, Musical Movies  grant2288557.9
17 Like Stars on EarthMovies, Drama Movies, Musical Movies  zendyk2947.2
18 Memorable Movie TunesPop Music, Musical Movies  grant2287153.7
19 Saturday Night Fever: The MovieDrama Movies, Musical Movies  FRANKL196556558.9

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