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Trivia Quiz - The Three Stooges: Joe Besser

"Oooh, now you're gonna give me a heart attack!" See what you know about Joe Besser, one of the forgotten Three Stooges. Great Three Stooges trivia here!

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Quiz is about: Joe Besser

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The Three Stooges Joe Besser
(Image Source: Stooge World)

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1. Which of the following is NOT a highlight of Joe's early show business career?
  A.   He was a television weather reporter
  B.   He appeared on television as a solo performer
  C.   He was part of a vaudeville magic act
  D.   He was a vaudeville comedian

2. Some say that Joe "ruined the Stooges' timing." Why?
  A.   he insisted on taking an inordinate amount of breaks
  B.   he couldn't wail like Curly or Shemp
  C.   he never perfected the "eye poke"
  D.   he refused to let Moe slap him

3. Joe was one of two Stooges never to have any children. Who was the other?
  A.   Curly Howard
  B.   Moe Howard
  C.   Shemp Howard
  D.   Curly Joe DeRita

4. Joe was the only Stooge to:
  A.   use his real birth name
  B.   visit all 50 states
  C.   live past the age of 80
  D.   own a horse

5. Joe had the shortest tenure as a Stooge. How long did it last?
  A.   1 year
  B.   2 years
  C.   3 years
  D.   4 years

6. Joe had a whopping 88 guest visits on what 1960's variety show?
  A.   "The Tonight Show"
  B.   "The Joey Bishop Show"
  C.   "The Red Skelton Show"
  D.   "The Steve Allen Show"

7. Joe was a very good friend of what famous Hollywood film star and comedian?
  A.   Lou Costello
  B.   Jimmy Durante
  C.   George Burns
  D.   Bob Hope

8. Joe was a regular on the 1950's "Abbott and Costello" TV show. What was his nickname?
  A.   "Dub"
  B.   "Tubbie"
  C.   "Stinky"
  D.   "Doggie"

9. Joe supplied the voice for "Babu" on what 1960's animated series?
  A.   "The Bullwinkle Show"
  B.   "The Monkees"
  C.   "Jeannie"
  D.   "The Teen Titans"

10. As the Stooges prepared to do a road tour in 1958, Joe quit the group because:
  A.   His wife became ill and he needed to care for her
  B.   He had already inked a deal to appear in a movie as a solo performer
  C.   He was afraid to fly
  D.   He became ill®   

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