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Trivia Quizzes - Major League Baseball

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1980 World SeriesMajor League Baseball  tazzytina20179.5
2 1980 World Series' BasicsMajor League Baseball  bill11541.7
3 Al Kaline- First Ballot Hall of FamerMajor League BaseballAl Kaline  dartjock467.5
4 Albert Pujols: A Hitting MachineMajor League BaseballAlbert Pujols  dartjock2165.7
5 Babe Ruth: Baseball GiantMajor League BaseballBabe Ruth  charles24556.4
6 Baesball's Pitching Triple CrownMajor League Baseball  dartjock831.3
7 Barry Larkin - Reds CaptainMajor League BaseballBarry Larkin  dartjock360
8 Baseball Players with Animal NicknamesMajor League Baseball  dartjock2369.6
9 Baseball Triple Crown Winners - FactsMajor League Baseball  dartjock1251.7
10 Baseball's Triple CrownMajor League Baseball  dartjock1054
11 Bob Feller- Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballBob Feller  dartjock1460.7
12 Cal Ripken Jr. - Iron ManMajor League BaseballCal Ripken Jr. dartjock3155.8
13 Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox GreatMajor League BaseballCarl Yastrzemski  dartjock2468.8
14 Carlton Fisk- Catching GreatMajor League BaseballCarlton Fisk  dartjock386.7
15 Chipper Jones-True BraveMajor League BaseballChipper Jones  dartjock1357.7
16 Connie Mack-The Great oneMajor League BaseballConnie Mack  dartjock467.5
17 Cy Young-Baseball IconMajor League BaseballCy Young  dartjock455
18 Darryl Strawberry: Fruity MetMajor League BaseballDarryl E Strawberry  dartjock2251.4
19 David Ortiz: A Great Clutch HitterSports, Major League BaseballDavid Ortiz  dartjock3556
20 Dennis Eckersley- Dominant CloserMajor League BaseballDennis Eckersley  dartjock373.3
21 Derek Jeter Sports, Major League BaseballDerek S Jeter  dartjock2961
22 Dizzy Dean-The Pride of St.LouisMajor League BaseballDizzy Dean  dartjock1361.5
23 Dwight Gooden-Mets AceMajor League BaseballDwight Gooden  dartjock1160
24 Ernie Banks: A Great Cub!Major League BaseballErnie Banks  dartjock2754.4
25 Fernando Valenzuela-Dodger GreatMajor League BaseballFernando Valenzuela  dartjock3038.3
26 George Brett - Royal GreatMajor League BaseballGeorge Brett  dartjock1176.4
27 Hank Aaron - Hitting MachineMajor League BaseballHank Aaron  dartjock4164.9
28 Jackie Robinson - Baseball LegendMajor League BaseballJackie Robinson  dartjock8766.3
29 Jim Abbott: One Handed Wonder!Sports, Major League BaseballJim Abbott  trickymutha10855.4
30 Jim Palmer- Outstanding PitcherMajor League BaseballJim Palmer  dartjock966.7
31 Joe DiMaggio: "Joltin' Joe"Major League BaseballJoe DiMaggio  dartjock1972.1
32 Joe Jackson: Say It Ain't So JoeMajor League BaseballJoseph J Jackson  dartjock462.5
33 Joe Morgan: Reds' Second BasemanMajor League BaseballJoe Morgan  dartjock460
34 Joey VottoSports, Major League BaseballJoey Votto  dartjock3948.5
35 Johnny Bench-The Greatest Catcher Ever?Major League BaseballJohnny L Bench  dartjock5953.4
36 Jose Canseco- JuicedMajor League BaseballJose Canseco  dartjock1151.8
37 Kirby Puckett- Baseball's Nice GuyMajor League BaseballKirby Puckett  dartjock467.5
38 Kirk Gibson: A Hobbling HeroMajor League BaseballKirk Gibson  dartjock850
39 Lou Brock: King of the Base PathsMajor League BaseballLou Brock  dartjock1158.2
40 Lou Gehrig: Iron ManMajor League BaseballLou Gehrig  dartjock3267.5
41 Major League Baseball Mascots - Part 1Major League Baseball  dartjock2246.8
42 Major League Baseball Mascots - Part 2Major League Baseball  dartjock1660
43 Major League Baseball's First "Taters"Major League Baseball  garrett18853.5
44 Major League Baseball: World Series PitchingMajor League Baseball  garrett11743
45 Manny RamirezSports, Major League BaseballManny Ramirez  dartjock960
46 Mariano Rivera- Yankees Greatest CloserMajor League BaseballMariano Rivera  dartjock758.6
47 Mark McGwire FactsMajor League BaseballMark McGwire  tylair108458.2
48 Mel Allen - The Voice of BaseballMajor League BaseballMel Allen  dartjock1100
49 Mickey Mantle: Popular YankeeMajor League BaseballMickey C Mantle  dartjock1169.1
50 Miguel Cabrera - 2012 Triple Crown WinnerMajor League BaseballMiguel Cabrera  dartjock1363.1
51 Mike PiazzaMajor League BaseballMike Piazza  dartjock492.5
52 ML Baseball: Name That Team # 2Major League Baseball  tazzytina17279.8
53 ML Baseball: Name That Team #1Major League Baseball  tazzytina18580
54 MLB All-Star GameMajor League Baseball  dartjock1158.2
55 MLB Hall of FamersMajor League Baseball  dartjock1987.9
56 MLB Homerun DerbyMajor League Baseball  dartjock1055
57 MLB Player Jersey MatchSports, Major League Baseball  dartjock1181.8
58 Nolan Ryan- MLB FlamethrowerMajor League BaseballNolan Ryan  dartjock977.8
59 Nomar Garciapara - Fan Favorite in BostonMajor League BaseballNomar Garciapara  dartjock366.7
60 Ozzie Smith-Defensive WizardMajor League BaseballOzzie Smith  dartjock370
61 Pee Wee ReeseMajor League BaseballPee Wee Reese  dartjock973.3
62 Pete Rose: Baseball's All-Time Hit KingMajor League BaseballPete Rose  dartjock3364.2
63 Phil Rizzuto- Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballPhil Rizzuto  dartjock393.3
64 Randy Johnson- FlamethrowerMajor League BaseballRandy Johnson  dartjock270
65 Reggie Jackson: Mr. OctoberMajor League BaseballReggie Jackson  dartjock768.6
66 Rickey Henderson- King of ThievesMajor League BaseballRickey Henderson  dartjock665
67 Roberto Clemente- Mr. 3000Major League BaseballRoberto Clemente  dartjock1080
68 Rod CarewMajor League BaseballRod Carew  dartjock1171.8
69 Roger MarisMajor League BaseballRoger E Maris  dartjock1267.5
70 Rollie Fingers- Hall of Fame ReleiverMajor League BaseballRollie Fingers  dartjock455
71 Sparky Anderson - HOF ManagerMajor League BaseballSparky Anderson  dartjock2100
72 Stan Musial - A Great Hitter: Part 1Major League BaseballStan Musial  dartjock2074
73 Stan Musial - A Great Hitter: Part 2Major League BaseballStan Musial  dartjock558
74 Ted Williams: Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballTed Williams  dartjock1782.4
75 Tom Seaver - Amazing Met!Major League BaseballTom Seaver  dartjock376.7
76 Tommy Lasorda-Bleeding Dodger BlueMajor League BaseballTommy Lasorda  dartjock1100
77 Tony ArmasMajor League BaseballTony Armas  dartjock656.7
78 Tony La Russa: Legendary Baseball CoachMajor League BaseballTony La Russa  bill7865
79 Walter Johnson- The Big TrainMajor League BaseballWalter Johnson  dartjock452.5
80 Whitey Ford-Yankee GreatMajor League BaseballWhitey Ford  dartjock1065
81 World Series BasicsMajor League Baseball  bill32667.6
82 Yogi Berra - What did he Say?Major League BaseballYogi Berra  dartjock1465.7

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