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Trivia Quiz - Breaking Bad - Seasons 1-2

Hey "Breaking Bad" fans, how many of these key parts to seasons 1-2 do you know or remember?

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Date Submitted: June 25, 2011
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Author: garrett
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1. In the beginning of "Breaking Bad," Walt states to his chemistry class that the study of chemistry is commonly known as the study of matter. What does he prefer it to be known as?
  A.   study of energy
  B.   study of properties
  C.   study of change
  D.   study of elements

2. Hank decides to get rid of of Tuco's silver plated grill (teeth) awarded to him by his fellow DEA agents. How does he get rid of it?
  A.   he throws it into a dirty pond
  B.   he throws it into a dirty river
  C.   he drops in a dumbster behind the DEA agency
  D.   he gives it to Walter Jr.

3. With Saul Goodman's twenty percent deducted, how much money do Walt and Jesse earn for selling the 38 pounds of meth?
  A.   four hundred and sixty grand a piece
  B.   six hundred grand a piece
  C.   four hundred and ninety grand a piece
  D.   four hundred and eighty grand a piece

4. Jesse and Walt were eye-witnesses to Tuco murdering his associate. Out of fear for their lives, Jesse buys a revolver. How many bullets does it hold?
  A.   six
  B.   eight
  C.   five
  D.   they don't actually say

5. While in Walt and Jesse's RV, what chemical or element does Walt use to try and suffocate meth dealers Crazy Eight and his cousin Amelio?
  A.   red phosphourus
  B.   hydrochloric acid
  C.   white phosphourus
  D.   sulfuric acid

6. Walt and Jesse decide that using acid to dissolve the two bodies is the best method and they should try to use bins to do so. Walt suggests that Jesse buy what type of bins?
  A.   polypropylene
  B.   thermoplastic
  C.   polyurethane
  D.   hard plastic

7. What dangerous illicit drug or drug combination do Jesse and Jane shoot into their veins that results in Jane's death?
  A.   heroin
  B.   they don't actually say
  C.   meth and heroin
  D.   cocaine and heroin

8. To kill Tuco, Walt and Jesse decide that poison is a better method than using Jesse's revolver. What do they try to poison him with?
  A.   ricin
  B.   chloroform
  C.   succinylcholine
  D.   arsenic

9. Being convinced by the undercover cop that he is not part of law enforcement, Badger sells him meth and gets busted. How much does he sell him?
  A.   1 quarter or 1/4th of an ounce
  B.   1 ounce
  C.   one 8 ball or 1/8th of an ounce
  D.   one teenth or 1/16th of an ounce

10. To intimidate him into giving up the money he owes him and Jesse, Walt makes fake meth and uses it to blow up Tuco's drug hideout. What is the fake meth made of?
  A.   magnesium nitrate
  B.   lithium aluminum hydride
  C.   fulminated mercury
  D.   red phosphorous®   

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