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Trivia Quiz - The Three Stooges: Larry Fine

Larry Fine, aka. "Porcupine," was The Three Stooges' long-suffering middleman! Great Three Stooges trivia here!

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The Three Stooges Larry Fine
(Image Source: Stooge World)

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1. Larry Fine was his stage name. What was his real name?
  A.   Lawrence Pheiner
  B.   Louis Feinberg
  C.   Lawrence Feinberg
  D.   Leslie Firnberg

2. Larry was an accomplished player of what musical instrument?
  A.   clarinet
  B.   violin
  C.   French horn
  D.   piano

3. Moe's favorite nickname for Larry was:
  A.   Porcupine
  B.   Weasel
  C.   Mongoose
  D.   Cabbagehead

4. During his 40-year film career, Larry never appeared in a film that didn't also feature whom?
  A.   Joe Besser
  B.   Curly Howard
  C.   Shemp Howard
  D.   Moe Howard

5. Which of the following is not a highlight of Larry's early show business career?
  A.   He worked as a vaudeville singer as a child
  B.   He worked on showboats as a dramatic actor
  C.   He was a vaudeville comedian
  D.   He formed his own musical act

6. One of Larry's most frightening experiences as a Stooge happened during the ending of a short which called for the boys, playing angels, to be hung in the air with piano wire. Larry was hoisted the highest of the three. What was the name of the short?
  A.   "Three Little Sew and Sews" (1939)
  B.   "Three Little Pigskins" (1934)
  C.   "Tassles in the Air" (1938)
  D.   "How High is Up?" (1940)

7. When Larry first joined the Stooges, Ted Healey offered him a salary of $90 a week plus an additional $10 if he did what?
  A.   drop Ted's sister off at work each morning
  B.   play the role of the middleman
  C.   grow his hair out "frizzy"
  D.   lose the violin

8. When Shemp Howard replaced his ailing brother Curly in 1946, Larry insisted that each member of the group do what for Curly?
  A.   fix him dinner at least once per week
  B.   pitch in to help Curly purchase home health care
  C.   donate $50 of their weekly salary to Curly
  D.   visit Curly at least once per week

9. There is a large murel of Larry painted on a building in what city?
  A.   Philadelphia, PA
  B.   New York, NY
  C.   Boston, MA
  D.   Chicago, IL

10. When Joe DeRita joined The Stooges as Curly Joe in 1958, Moe wanted to make him simply an employee. Larry reportedly threatened to quit unless Moe did what?
  A.   Give DeRita a cut of the profits
  B.   Find DeRita's wife a job with the studio
  C.   Give DeRita a large bonus as compensation
  D.   Make DeRita an equal partner®   

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