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Trivia Quiz - Cartoon Characters Name Game

See if you can name these cartoon characters!

Quiz Number: 335
Date Submitted: April 11, 2006
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 63.6 percent
Times Taken: 299 times
Taken by Registered Users: 54

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Cartoon Characters Name Game
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1. The name of the robot house cleaner in the Jetsons was:
  A.   Sarah
  B.   Donna
  C.   Rosie
  D.   Carrie

2. What animated professional therapist 'starred' in his own television series on Comedy Central?
  A.   Dr. Ratz
  B.   Dr. Dolittle
  C.   Dr. Katz
  D.   Dr. Suess

3. What B.C. character hated water but loved poetry?
  A.   Thor
  B.   Grog
  C.   Peter
  D.   Wiley

4. What cartoon character almost jumped the city's gorge on a skateboard but didn't make it across?
  A.   Homer Simpson
  B.   Charlie Brown
  C.   Shaggy
  D.   Beavis

5. What cartoon character became famous as "The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico?"
  A.   Speedy Chavez
  B.   Frito Bandito
  C.   Speedy Gonzalez
  D.   Quickie Quinto

6. What cartoon character often spoke the line - "Open, says me?"
  A.   Wimpy
  B.   Popeye
  C.   Bluto
  D.   Vavoom

7. From "Taz-Mania," what were the names of Taz's brother and sister?
  A.   Hugh and Molly
  B.   Hugh and Jean
  C.   Jake and Molly
  D.   Jake and Jean

8. What was the name of the "Looney Tunes" character from Mars?
  A.   Marvin the Martian
  B.   Martin the Martian
  C.   Marcia the Martian
  D.   Maxine the Martian

9. Which cartoon character had a sister named Dee Dee?
  A.   Dexter
  B.   Raj
  C.   Linus
  D.   Foghorn Leghorn

10. Who was constantly pursuing the Roadrunner?
  A.   Warren E. Coyote
  B.   Willie E. Coyote
  C.   Wile E. Coyote
  D.   Walter E. Coyote®   

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