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Trivia Quiz - The Three Stooges: Moe Howard

Moe Howard, the "boss" of the Three Stooges for some 44 years! See if you can get all these right, you knucklehead! Great Three Stooges trivia here!

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The Three Stooges Moe Howard
(Image Source: Stooge World)

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1. Moe Howard was his stage name. What was his real name?
  A.   Harry Howland
  B.   Harry Howenberg
  C.   Harry Horberg
  D.   Harry Horwitz

2. Moe had a legal agreement with his fellow Stooges stating that he reserved the right to do what?
  A.   Choose any future Stooge replacements
  B.   Make all the profits off the Three Stooges name
  C.   Book all the Stooge appearances
  D.   Hire or fire an agent without the consent of fellow Stooges

3. According to Moe, he never failed to do what during his sixty-year show business career?
  A.   Take an afternoon nap
  B.   Show up for work
  C.   Get at least one laugh during the day
  D.   Eat Lunch

4. According to the president of the "Three Stooges Fan Club", what was the only gag that the Stooges created themselves?
  A.   the eye poke
  B.   the nose tweak
  C.   the triple slap
  D.   the hand-to-hand head clunk

5. Moe was the father of how many children?
  A.   2
  B.   4
  C.   6
  D.   8

6. Which one of the following was NOT one of Moe's hobbies?
  A.   Collecting coins
  B.   Reading
  C.   Playing bridge
  D.   Making hooked rugs

7. Which of the following is not a highlight of Moe's early show business career?
  A.   He worked as a child actor in silent movies
  B.   He worked on showboats as a dramatic actor
  C.   He was a vaudeville comedian
  D.   He was a stand-up comedian

8. Moe made some wise investments during his career, leaving him a wealthy man in his later years. Which of the following real estate properties did he NOT own?
  A.   an apartment building
  B.   a drug store
  C.   a department store
  D.   a furniture store

9. Moe's autobiography was published posthumously under what title?
  A.   "Moe Howard and The Three Stooges"
  B.   "What's Next, You Knuckleheads?"
  C.   "I Stooge to Conquer"
  D.   "Let's Play it Again!"

10. Of what affliction did Moe die from in 1975?
  A.   Lung cancer
  B.   Pancreatic Cancer
  C.   Heart Failure
  D.   Stroke®   

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