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Trivia Quiz - Notre Dame Fightin' Irish Football History & Facts

All about the history of Notre Dame football. One of the marquis football programs of all-time, the Fighting Irish are always in the thick of things. Great Notre Dame football trivia here!

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Date Submitted: January 01, 2007
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Notre Dame Fightin Irish Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?
  A.   red and black
  B.   green and gold
  C.   blue and gold
  D.   purple and silver

2. What is the official mascot of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?
  A.   Notre Dame Leprechaun
  B.   Irish Ike
  C.   Shillelagh Sam
  D.   Lucky

3. What is the name of the Notre Dame marching band?
  A.   Band of the Fighting Irish
  B.   Marching Irish
  C.   Pride of Notre Dame
  D.   Irish Pride

4. What is the name of the Notre Dame fight song?
  A.   ND Fight
  B.   Irish Victory Song
  C.   Hail Irish
  D.   Notre Dame Victory March

5. Who was the first Notre Dame coach to win the Paul 'Bear' Bryant Award (Coach of the Year Award)?
  A.   Lou Holtz
  B.   Dan Devine
  C.   Ara Parseghian
  D.   Terry Brennan

6. Who was the first Notre Dame coach to win 100 career games with the Irish?
  A.   Frank W. Leahy
  B.   Lou Holtz
  C.   Knute Kenneth Rockne
  D.   Ara R. Parseghian

7. Who was the first Irish player to win the Heisman Trophy?
  A.   Paul Hornung
  B.   Johnny Lattner
  C.   Leon Hart
  D.   Angelo Bertelli

8. Who was the only team that defeated the Irish in their 1977 National Championship season?
  A.   Michigan
  B.   Arkansas
  C.   Mississippi
  D.   USC

9. What team did Notre Dame defeat in the 1989 Fiesta Bowl to secure both their undefeated season at 12-0 and the national championship?
  A.   Penn St.
  B.   West Virginia
  C.   Miami (FL)
  D.   Colorado

10. The annual winner of the Notre Dame-Purdue rivalry game is awarded with what coveted trophy?
  A.   The Megaphone
  B.   The Little Brown Jug
  C.   The Shillelagh Trophy
  D.   The Jeweled Shillelagh®   

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