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Trivia Quizzes - TV, Radio & Stage

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Have Gun Will Travel Characters: PaladinTV, Radio & Stage, Fictional Characters  scarlettem14576.1
2 Iron Chef America: Great Cooking Show!TV, Radio & Stage  BubblyJolie2859.3
3 The Brady Bunch: Brady On LocationTV, Radio & Stage, The Brady Bunch  zendyk12953.6
4 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.TV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs19470.4
5 The Simpsons' CharactersTV, Radio & Stage, Animated TV Series & Cartoons  Secret_Author2773
6 The West Wing: American TV DramaTV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas  zeppy738084.5
7 Top Chef Season One HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage  BubblyJolie3148.4
8 Agnes Moorehead - Star of Stage, Screen, TV and RadioTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars, BewitchedAgnes R Moorehead  grant2286545.5
9 Ann-Margret: Career HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsAnn Margret  bill19840.4
10 Australian T.V. TriviaTV, Radio & Stage  grant2281447.1
11 Band of Brothers: The Mini-SeriesTV, Radio & Stage  0zero03761.9
12 Bill Cosby: A Funny Man!TV, Radio & Stage, ComediansBill Cosby  Secret_Author12851.7
13 Bob Hope: Personal Life of a CelebrityTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, ComediansBob Hope  bill19555
14 Bob KeeshanTV, Radio & StageBob Keeshan  scarlettem6157.9
15 Brian Keith, A Solid ActorTV, Radio & StageBrian Keith  bill10250.7
16 Carol Burnett: Show Business HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Comedians, Fine ArtsCarol Burnett  phonerec5561.8
17 Celebrated TV MomsTV, Radio & Stage  zeppy7312589.5
18 Celebrities Who Died During Their TV SeriesTV, Radio & Stage  bill25965.8
19 Cereal MascotsTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Food & Drink  dartjock11172
20 Charles Bronson--TV and Film Tough GuyTV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsCharles Bronson  0zero016054.8
21 Cigarette Commercials of the 50s and 60sBusiness, TV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam60661
22 Cops By the NumbersTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam8339
23 David White - Larry Tate of BewitchedTV, Radio & Stage, BewitchedDavid White  grant2286044.8
24 Dick Sargent - The Second Darrin of BewitchedTV, Radio & Stage, BewitchedDick Sargent  grant2283340.3
25 Dick York - More than just Darrin in BewitchedTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars, BewitchedDick York  grant2284957.8
26 Discovery Channel TV Show HostsTV, Radio & Stage, TV Reality Shows  phonerec2853.2
27 Early Television Shows & Their SponsorsTV, Radio & Stage, Business  Samurai Sam13658.5
28 Eartha Kitt - Sexy StarTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, SingersEartha Kitt  lmcubs2862.9
29 Eddie Anderson: Song and Dance ManTV, Radio & StageEddie Anderson  scarlettem1166.4
30 Ellen DeGeneres: Career HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, ComediansEllen DeGeneres  garrett6941.7
31 Famous Television & Movie DrunksTV, Radio & Stage, Movies  Samurai Sam19063.6
32 Famous TV MothersTV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs1,83182.6
33 Fox Broadcasting Company--25 Years of InnovationTV, Radio & Stage  dartjock1149.1
34 Game of Thrones - Season 1TV, Radio & Stage  grant228978.9
35 Gracie Allen: The Real Star of the ShowTV, Radio & StageGracie Allen  0zero010354.5
36 Helen Keller Portrayed on Stage and ScreenTV, Radio & Stage, MoviesHelen A Keller  lmcubs5143.1
37 Howard Morris: aka. Ernest T. BassTV, Radio & StageHoward Morris  bill23240.5
38 Howard Stern - Shock JockTV, Radio & StageHoward Stern  0zero049063.9
39 Howard Stern Show Wack Pack Character Match-UpTV, Radio & Stage  garrett3991.8
40 Howard Stern: Not So Shocking FactoidsTV, Radio & Stage, RadioHoward Stern  FRANKL19654777.9
41 Jack Benny: Talented EntertainerTV, Radio & Stage, ComediansJack Benny  scarlettem7762.5
42 Jerry Lewis: Personal Life of a CelebrityTV, Radio & StageJerry Lewis  bill18662.9
43 John Forsythe: Consummate TV ActorTV, Radio & StageJohn Forsythe  lmcubs1547.3
44 Kim Cattrall: Sexy in the City!TV, Radio & Stage, Movie StarsKim Cattrall  trickymutha2941
45 Larry Storch: Boy from the Bronx Who Made GoodTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, ComediansLarry S Storch  grant2282544.4
46  Last RolesTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Movie Stars  Samurai Sam1170.9
47 Let's Get Sirius!TV, Radio & Stage, Business, Radio  Samurai Sam4944.1
48 Little Known Characters from TV ShowsTV, Radio & Stage  0zero08261
49 Mario Lopez: Teen Idol and Star!TV, Radio & StageMario Lopez  bill3143.9
50 Marion Lorne - Aunt Clara of BewitchedTV, Radio & Stage, BewitchedMarion Lorne  grant2282949.3
51 Marlo Thomas: Celebrity and Lady of CharityTV, Radio & StageMarlo Thomas  bill4448.6
52 Mary Hart: Well Known TV PersonalityTV Talk Shows, TV, Radio & StageMary Hart  0zero06265
53 Mike Post: TV Theme Composer ExtraordinaireTV, Radio & Stage, MusicMike Post  FRANKL19651853.3
54 Mike Rowe: Host of Dirty JobsTV, Radio & StageMike Rowe  0zero015360.7
55 Mister Rogers: A Friend to ChildrenTV, Radio & StageFred Rogers  scarlettem15541.2
56 Nancy Grace: Legal Commentator and TV HostTV, Radio & Stage, Crime & LawNancy Grace  0zero05253.7
57 Obscure Television Shows of the 1960sTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam10149.2
58 Obscure Television Shows of the 1970sTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam31041.5
59 Obscure Television Shows of the 1980sTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam9744.4
60 Old Time RadioTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam14745.5
61 Old Time TVTV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs23980.3
62 Paula Deen: Great Southern Lady!TV, Radio & Stage, Food & DrinkPaula Deen  phonerec14353.3
63 Rachael Ray: Perky ChefTV, Radio & Stage, Food & DrinkRachael Ray  LittleLady19145.2
64 Rod Serling: Screenwriter and TV HostTV, Radio & StageRod Serling  bill7042.4
65 Rumpole of the Bailey - Basic FactsTV, Radio & Stage, British TV Dramas  grant2281373.1
66 Rumpole of the Bailey - EpisodesTV, Radio & Stage, British TV Dramas, TV Dramas  grant228775.7
67 Santa Claus Movie-Actor Match GameTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Christmas  LittleLady10456.8
68 Seth MacFarlaneTV, Radio & Stage, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersSeth W MacFarlane  dartjock2880.7
69 Spy ShowsAmerican TV Dramas, TV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam5439.3
70 Stephen Fry: British Actor & ComedianTV, Radio & StageStephen Fry  BubblyJolie1359.2
71 Television Characters' Fictional AddressesTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars  FRANKL196515660.4
72 Television HospitalsTV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady6549.8
73 Television PubsTV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady8246.7
74 Television Pubs #2TV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady4854.6
75 The Horses My Heroes RodeTV, Radio & Stage, Western Movies  wrangler14851.2
76 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Part 2TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Dramas, TV Dramas  Samurai Sam651.7
77 The Marx Brothers: Absolute Comic GeniusTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, Comedians  bill10557.6
78 The Part Was Originally Supposed To Go To Whom?TV, Radio & Stage, Movies  Samurai Sam9945.3
79 Tim Russert TributeTV, Radio & Stage, American CultureTim Russert  Samurai Sam1853.9
80 Tony Randall: Mr. Prim & ProperTV, Radio & StageTony Randall  bill9250.9
81 TV AlcoholicsTV, Radio & Stage  bill668.3
82 TV Characters with Special PowersTV, Radio & Stage, Animated TV Series & Cartoons  lmcubs22284.9
83 TV Characters: Where Did They Live?TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters  lmcubs35363.1
84 TV DogsTV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady10247.7
85 TV Dogs: Part 2TV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady6564.5
86 TV GeneralTV, Radio & Stage  0zero03256.9
87 TV House ServantsTV, Radio & Stage  bill14778.9
88 TV Judges and Their Court ShowsTV, Radio & Stage  0zero06152.6
89 TV Quotes of the 1960sTV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs58049.5
90 TV Riders and their HorsesTV, Radio & Stage  bill8049.4
91 TV Shows that Appeared on More Than One NetworkTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam645
92 TV Theme Songs from Pop & Classical MusicTV, Radio & Stage, Music  Samurai Sam19441.3
93 TV WesternsTV, Radio & Stage  0zero010080.5
94 TV's Best Catch Phrases #1TV, Radio & Stage  martha24782.4
95 TV's Best Catch Phrases #2TV, Radio & Stage  martha21084.2
96 TV's Best Catch Phrases #3TV, Radio & Stage  martha20888.3
97 TV's Best Catch Phrases #4TV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam51560.7
98 TV's Best Catch Phrases #5TV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam10165.4
99 U S T.V. Trivia IITV, Radio & Stage  grant2281164.5
100 U S T.V. TriviaTV, Radio & Stage  grant2281646.3

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