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Trivia Quiz - The Wizard of Oz Character Match

See if you can guess the correct "Wizard of Oz" character by the description given. "If I were King of Wizard of Oz trivia!"

Quiz Number: 485
Date Submitted: May 04, 2006
Quiz Categories: Fantasy Movies, Musical Movies
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 87.7 percent
Times Taken: 505 times
Taken by Registered Users: 64

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The Wizard of Oz Character Match
(Image Source: The Wizard of Oz Cast)

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1. Who "accidentally" bumped Miss Gulch in the butt with the swinging gate?
  A.   Hickory
  B.   Uncle Henry
  C.   Aunt Em
  D.   Professor Marvel

2. Who peered into the crystal ball?
  A.   The Wizard
  B.   The Lion
  C.   The Tin Man
  D.   Professor Marvel

3. Who rescued Dorothy from the pig pen?
  A.   The Wicked Witch
  B.   Zeke
  C.   The Emerald City doorman
  D.   The Scarecrow

4. Who sang "Over the Rainbow?"
  A.   The Munchkin Mayor
  B.   Dorothy
  C.   Glinda, the Good Witch
  D.   The Wicked Witch

5. Who flew in the hot air balloon?
  A.   The Wizard
  B.   Dorothy
  C.   The Lion
  D.   Hickory

6. Who rode the bike?
  A.   Professor Marvel
  B.   Dorothy
  C.   Uncle Henry
  D.   Miss Gulch

7. Who turned into a bubble as she came and went throughout the movie?
  A.   Dorothy
  B.   The Munchkin Mayor
  C.   Glinda, the Good Witch
  D.   The Wicked Witch

8. Who threw a ball of fire at the Scarecrow?
  A.   Aunt Em
  B.   The Wicked Witch
  C.   Hickory
  D.   Toto

9. Who didn't have a heart?
  A.   The Tin Man
  B.   The Scarecrow
  C.   The Lion
  D.   Dorothy

10. Who didn't have a brain?
  A.   The Tin Man
  B.   The Scarecrow
  C.   The Lion
  D.   Dorothy®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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