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Trivia Quiz - Major League Baseball: World Series Pitching

These questions will test your knowledge about World Series pitchers. Please note that this quiz was written in 2006 and all records were set before the 2006 World Series.

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Major League Baseball World Series Pitching
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1. Who was the first pitcher to tally an ERA of 0.83 in the World Series (minimum 30 innings pitched)?
  A.   Babe Ruth
  B.   Mariano Rivera
  C.   Grover Alexander
  D.   Harry Brecheen

2. The first player to allow 30 hits in a single seven-game was:
  A.   Harry Brecheen
  B.   Bob Gibson
  C.   Walter Johnson
  D.   Denny McLain

3. Who was the first pitcher to allow 17 runs in a single seven-game World Series?
  A.   Lew Burdette
  B.   Don Sutton
  C.   Jack Morris
  D.   Bob Lemon

4. Who was the first pitcher to tally 35 strikeouts in a single World Series?
  A.   Roger Clemens
  B.   Randy Johnson
  C.   Bob Gibson
  D.   Nolan Ryan

5. Who was the first pitcher to record seven career World Series saves?
  A.   Rollie Fingers
  B.   Aurelio Lopez
  C.   Dan Quisenberry
  D.   Mariano Rivera

6. Who is the first pitcher to appear in all seven games of a single World Series?
  A.   Mariano Rivera
  B.   Darold Knowles
  C.   Dan Quisenberry
  D.   Rollie Fingers

7. Who is the first World Series pitcher to win 6 games without losing a single game?
  A.   Lefty Gomez
  B.   Bob Gibson
  C.   George Mullin
  D.   Red Faber

8. The first pitcher to throw three shutouts in one World Series was:
  A.   Roger Clemens
  B.   Christy Mathewson
  C.   Cy Young
  D.   Warren Spahn

9. Who is the first pitcher in history to tally 10 career World Series victories?
  A.   Whitey Ford
  B.   Mickey Lolich
  C.   Randy Johnson
  D.   Sandy Koufax

10. Who was the first black pitcher to appear in a World Series?
  A.   Joe Black
  B.   Sad Sam "Toothpick" Jones
  C.   Don Newcombe
  D.   Satchel Paige®   

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