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Trivia Quiz - College Basketball Grab Bag #2

College Basketball Grab Bag #2

Quiz Number: 308
Date Submitted: January 29, 2006
Quiz Categories: College Basketball - Men's
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 60.2 percent
Times Taken: 209 times
Taken by Registered Users: 22

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College Basketball Grab Bag 2
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1. In 1968, what center scored 39 points and had 15 rebounds while limiting Lew Alcindor to just 15 points as Houston beat UCLA 71-69 to snap the Bruins 47-game winning streak?
  A.   Jerry Lucas
  B.   Bill Walton
  C.   Wilt Chamberlin
  D.   Elvin Hayes

2. What university did Baron Davis attend?
  A.   UCLA
  B.   USC
  C.   California
  D.   Indiana

3. Who coached Isiah Thomas in college?
  A.   Steve Fisher
  B.   John Wooden
  C.   Bobby Knight
  D.   Dean Smith

4. Who was the first NCAA player to average over 44 points per game in his career?
  A.   Jerry West
  B.   Lew Alcindor
  C.   Pete Maravich
  D.   Bill Walton

5. For what college did Celtics great Robert Parrish play?
  A.   Georgetown
  B.   Hampton
  C.   Centenary
  D.   Villanova

6. Who was the first NCAA coach to achieve 879 wins?
  A.   Adolph Rupp
  B.   Lou Henson
  C.   Bobby Knight
  D.   Dean Smith

7. Where did Bob Lanier play his college basketball?
  A.   St. Bonaventure
  B.   Evansville
  C.   University of Detroit
  D.   Wisconsin Gree Bay

8. For what college did George "Iceman" Gervin play basketball?
  A.   Eastern Michigan
  B.   Western Michigan
  C.   Michigan
  D.   Ohio State

9. How many championships did John Wooden win as coach of the UCLA Bruins?
  A.   7
  B.   8
  C.   9
  D.   10

10. Who did Bob Knight whip with a towel?
  A.   Calbert Cheaney
  B.   Isiah Thomas
  C.   Steve Alford
  D.   Damon Bailey®   

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