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Trivia Quiz - Ellen DeGeneres: Career Highlights

How much do you know about the career of Ellen DeGeneres?

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Date Submitted: September 24, 2008
Quiz Categories: Comedians, TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: garrett
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Quiz is about: Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen DeGeneres Career Highlights
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1. One of Ellen's first television roles was on the Fox sitcom "Open House" from 1989-1990. What was the occupation of her character, Margo Van Meter?
  A.   real estate agent
  B.   stock broker
  C.   hotel manager
  D.   secretary

2. What character did Ellen play in the 1999 film "EDtv"?
  A.   Jill
  B.   Cynthia
  C.   Jeanette
  D.   Shari

3. What was the original name of "Ellen," a U.S. television sitcom which ran on the ABC network from 1994 to 1998, starring Ellen DeGeneres?
  A.   Who Knows Me Better Than You?
  B.   Togetherness
  C.   My Buddies and Me
  D.   These Friends of Mine

4. Ellen's character on the sitcom, "Ellen," revealed that she was a homosexual in 1997. She revealed this to her therapist, played by whom?
  A.   Oprah Winfrey
  B.   David Letterman
  C.   Jenny Jones
  D.   Sally Jesse Raphael

5. "Ellen's Energy Adventure" revolved around DeGeneres falling asleep and finding herself in an energy-themed version of what game show?
  A.   Let's Make a Deal
  B.   Jeopardy!
  C.   Wheel of Fortune
  D.   $100,000 Pyramid

6. Ellen's character on the television sitcom, "The Ellen Show," was Ellen Richmond. What actress portrayed Ellen's mother on the show?
  A.   Valerie Harper
  B.   Mary Tyler Moore
  C.   Cloris Leachman
  D.   Betty White

7. DeGeneres kicked off her own TV talk show in 2003 called "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The show was nominated for 11 Daytime Emmy Awards in its first season. How many did it win?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

8. In what year did Ellen first host the Academy Awards?
  A.   1997
  B.   2001
  C.   2004
  D.   2007

9. Ellen provided the voice for what character in the animated movie, "Finding Nemo"?
  A.   Dana
  B.   Doreen
  C.   Darla
  D.   Dory

10. "Ellen's Really Big Show" (2007) was shot in what city?
  A.   Las Vegas
  B.   New Orleans
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   New York®   

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