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bill 2015-02-01 09:00:38
First big snow storm in SE Michigan here today - could be more than 12 inches. Luckily, I have lots of young people here (my kids) to help shovel! :-)
bill 2015-02-01 08:59:31
Hey maybe they should make the uniforms out of Velcro and the ball too. That would be cool!
bill 2015-02-01 08:58:36
Hey maybe they should make the uniforms out of Velcro and the ball too. That would be cool!
grant228 2015-01-31 06:06:06
Bill, thanks for explanation but cheating is cheating no matter what people think. I often wondered with the protective clothing and helmets whether these are checked to ensure they're not hiding implements that could hurt an opponent?
bill 2015-01-30 09:21:43
Hey Grant, the slightly deflated football is easier to throw because it's easier to grip. If it's filled all the way up and tight, it tend to slip out of the hand easier. It is also somewhat easier to catch because a fully inflated ball has a tendency to bounce out of the receiver's hands easier.

My argument is that both teams are playing with the same ball so how is it that one team has an advantage?
grant228 2015-01-30 02:14:59
So Dave, is a deflated football easier to throw and catch? I'm sure a human hand has had a role in the mystery. Sport is never dull!
dave 2015-01-29 22:10:30
Grant, it's definitely illegal and so far no one seems to know what happened
bill 2015-01-28 09:11:38
I still prefer the old Boston Patriots logo (see below) to the new one!
grant228 2015-01-28 03:16:14
Dave, how do they deflate the balls and is this legal? Cubs, we have a saying out here that I feel is the best response to you - "Tell him he's dreaming!"
dave 2015-01-27 21:38:58
Bill once New England gets those balls deflated Brady's receivers will be hard to stop! :)
lmcubs 2015-01-27 10:21:28
Grant, Grant, Grant . . . It is Seahawks all the way!!
grant228 2015-01-26 14:13:35
Bill, having visited and having friends in Maine, I go for New England. The coverage of the Super Bowl varies out here. Sometimes we've had it shown live but I think the ratings were not strong hence we'll get the highlights. The aspect that's more reported on is the half time commercials.
bill 2015-01-26 09:16:44
So, who is your Super Bowl favorite? New England or Seattle. Grant, is there much discussion about it down under? Do folks give a rip?
bill 2015-01-19 22:06:07
Charlie Babbit and Raymond!
grant228 2015-01-19 06:04:57
Bill, I can't remember if the cause of the crash was mechanical or pilot error but the disaster didn't deter the "eco-tourists". QANTAS regularly flies day charters to Antarctica with no crashes so far. You've just got to remember Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man - QANTAS never crashes!
bill 2015-01-18 13:16:36
BTW Grant, I was recently watching an episode of "Why Planes Crash" on the Weather Channel. One of the disasters they highlighted was the 1978 crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901, which crashed into the side of Mt. Erebus in Antarctica on a sightseeing tour. 257 people were killed with no survivors. I was just getting out HS at the time and more interested in chasing women so I guess I don't recall this event.

I'm not aviation expert but I find it stunning that sightseeing tours in jumbo jets over Antarctica was even mildly entertained as something that could be safe. There were no air traffic control towers, bad weather, rough terrain and, oh yea, no rescue teams in case of a disaster. They also purposely fly at low altitudes so the passengers could have a better look. In this case, it really was, as the old saying goes, "a disaster waiting to happen." What were they thinking?!

The remains of the plane are still there today.
bill 2015-01-18 13:02:14
Hey, F Troop was great, eh?! And I agree - it's another classic that I would love to see back on TV. So many that I'd like to see are now on DVD. The production companies that own the rights don't want to put them on TV in syndication because that want to sell the DVDs. Dirty rats!

BTW, Larry Storch is still with us. Some 92 years young now! Below is a picture of Larry at the relative young age of 89. :-)
grant228 2015-01-15 05:26:14
Bill, when we knew she was bound for Banff we showed her the You Tube clip of he F Troop episode. She now refers to her temporary home as Banff ff ff ff! Why don't they bring back re runs of hat classic?
bill 2015-01-14 09:53:45
Hey, Banff is way up there in the NW and in the mountains. Lumberjack country for sure. Bigfoot too!
grant228 2015-01-14 01:45:51
Bill, I have a daughter holidaying and working in Canada. I hope she doesn't come home "infected"! She sent some photos of Banff where she currently staying. They must breed them tough to survive such conditions on an annual basis. I've been told Canadians have two seasons - July and winter!
bill 2015-01-13 22:09:26
Grant, I live about 30 miles from Canada. My first two years of college, I lived just across the river. I had two Canuck roommates who were really big "eh-ers"! I also lived with a guy from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Yooper) who was of Finnish decent. Every other word was "eh" with him!

So, while not as bad as some of my friends, I've been known to add in an "eh" or two now and then, eh!? :-)
grant228 2015-01-12 23:56:34
Thanks for the explanations. Bill, I know you're close to the Canadian border but I thought only Canuks finished sentences with "eh"!
bill 2015-01-12 20:04:47
Or, things could be going fairly decent, then all the sudden a squall blows through. Stopping could often be more dangerous than continuing to drive.

Now, you could get off at the next exit and wait, but we are impatient creatures, eh? People are trying to get to their destinations whether it be personal or business. Most of us have that "it could never happen to me" attitude, then before you know it - boom...
dave 2015-01-12 18:55:31
They often do try to pull over but then may be hit from behind. There's no one to orchestrate them all pulling overat the same time. Also it's not always just blinding conditions. Often the roads could suddenly get icy and it's hard to stop and to steer.
grant228 2015-01-11 16:24:54
So I'll ask the obvious question, if the drivers can't see, why don't they pull off the road and stop? Are they fearful they'll be run into if they do? Forgive my ignorance if I've missed something, never had experienced such conditions.
bill 2015-01-11 08:46:47
Blinding snow, Grant. You can't see a thing. Maybe technology will come up with something soon to thwart this sort of thing happening in the future. The most sever of these happened last week about two hours west of here. The lesser one, but still fatal, happened about 15 minutes from my house. Scary stuff!
grant228 2015-01-10 03:17:25
Bill and Dave, I have just watched a news segment on the incredible pile up in Michigan with over 170 vehicles. How does an event such as that happen? I would have thought after the first few crashes there would have been a general alarm and slow down?
dave 2015-01-07 22:18:58
Welcome to PeopleQuiz kawood
lmcubs 2015-01-04 16:49:07
Thanks, Bill, right back at you!
bill 2015-01-01 14:30:20
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