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dave 2018-10-14 18:00:49
grant228 2018-10-10 09:00:34
Dave, I agree but I. feel it should be up to others to gauge how successful one has been. As the old saying goes, self-praise is no recommendation.
dave 2018-10-09 12:58:59
How do we measure achievement?
grant228 2018-10-02 23:04:57
He told the delegates that his administration had achieved more in two years than any other president, provoking guffaws. I think FDR, Lincoln and a few others may be able to point to one or two items they managed to cobble together that may outrank 45's claim.
dave 2018-10-02 11:52:23
Grant, Honestly I didn't even catch it, or the transcript, so I have no idea what transpired, though I can imagine. :)
grant228 2018-09-27 06:57:59
Dave, I've read two differing responses to Trump's U N address. One was the laughter was exactly how the rest of the world views his term while the other was what else could you expect from those who inhabit that dysfunctional organisation. Your view?
dave 2018-09-25 11:45:27
Grant, It's a mad, mad mad mad world!!
grant228 2018-09-25 10:10:50
Good evening, Dave. Your president is providing much about which to comment! Once his distinctive reign is over, I'm sure your countrymen and women will wonder what they have just lived through.
dave 2018-09-12 11:47:47
Hey Guys, time for my 30 day check in. lol. Been dso busy. Deb, When I went to research the music from the early 70's, both for the 40th anniversary of my families restaurant 5 years ago, and again this summer, I was amazed at how much great and timeless music came out of this period. Definitely a bountiful era of American music. As for the political conversation guys, maybe one day I'll write an Op-Ed for the site on it but for now, er... No Comment :)
phonerec 2018-09-08 20:20:59
Yet he asked President Obama to speak at his funeral, and banned Trump. That speaks volumes to me!
bill 2018-08-27 15:47:05
You are right. McCain was a good man and would not waiver on his commitments to family and country.
grant228 2018-08-27 07:56:30
Bill, I think John McCain's wish for Trump not to attend his funeral says much about the latter. John McCain is the sort of man all countries should point to as someone to emulate.
bill 2018-08-26 13:48:09
Obama invited families of gangsters to the White House! He defended criminals and dogged the very police that protect us. On the other hand, he could care less about any of our citizens who were attacked or killed by illegal aliens. Seems like he cared more for the illegals than he did our own citizens! That was not classy and that will be my lasting impression of him.
phonerec 2018-08-26 03:11:35
Bill,,,I have no words. Oh, wait, yes I do. Trump is a misogynistic, lying, wife cheater (3 times at latest count)piece of lying crap, and my deepest, and most enduring hope is that he is impeached. I'm not a fan. GOD how I miss the Obama's, who actually had class, a strong marriage, and the respect of the world. Trump is trash.
grant228 2018-08-25 10:44:12
As always, Bill, my pleasure! Aretha had a sublime voice and a very interesting life. I didn't hear of the rainbow until now. Hoping you are well and winning the fight with life's little challenges.
bill 2018-08-24 16:50:03
Grant, thanks so much for the new quizzes. Did you hear there was a rainbow at the Tiger's baseball game when they were doing a tribute to her? Very cool!
bill 2018-08-24 16:49:01
Deb, Trump can be an embarrassment but the economy has never been better - as promised!
grant228 2018-08-24 05:09:56
Deb, at least you have a little more political stability than Australia has. Today we have our seventh prime minister in eleven years. Shades of Italy! Back to your side of the world, is it conceivable, if the Democrats win a majority in November, the Big Cheeto could be impeached?
phonerec 2018-08-24 01:40:51
I am so tired of American politics. It just keeps getting stranger and more bizarre by the minute. All I can do now is hold on tight, and pray we get rid of this orange menace ASAP. I'm riding the blue wave.
grant228 2018-08-13 06:31:12
Yes, Dave. As Winston Churchill said about democracy that it's the worst system of government we have except for all the other types. None of our interpretations of it is perfect but some need more fine tuning than others.
phonerec 2018-08-11 00:37:39
OH, OH, OH!!!!! I know 70's music!! It's my genre!!
dave 2018-08-10 01:06:52
Hey and also we're going to do trivia from PeopleQuiz. It would be a great time for a trivia quiz on songs from the early 70's, 1973 front and center.
dave 2018-08-10 00:30:40
And Grant, yea I scratch my head at that one. I suppose one of the reasons it was set up that way was to prevent 3 or 4 populated states from dominating the election maybe?? No actually our system plays the other way I think. Big states have more electoral votes. If there's a close race in New York, the side that wins still gets 100% of the electoral votes. So hmm, yea I think its a bad system.
dave 2018-08-10 00:28:00
Deb, that's awesome. How long has that been?
phonerec 2018-07-30 23:28:32
Dave, I still have my Freddie Freeze T shirt!!
dave 2018-07-30 23:12:01
Hey guys sorry I haven't been on in a while but I've been so busy. Grant, no ego problems but idiosyncrasies and requests, yes. Particularly the requests, but not from the artists and musicians, more from the other stake holders. The worst thing was - amazingly -- the posters. Everyone wanted something. Bill, on the times, the first three performers are solo so will likely be all set, and may even play any together so yes, I don't anticipate a long break, but the last musical group is a 5 piece band so there will probably be 15 minutes or so, but we are going to have a host that will fill, and also be playing music from 1973 to celebrate.
dave 2018-07-30 12:45:41
Here's the final festival image for the Somerset Music festival and the 45th anniversary of Freddies Freeze in Somerset Michigan on August 18th, 2018 by the way. Can anyone tell I know SEO and am working the google search engine?
grant228 2018-07-29 09:06:06
Deb, you have a funny old electoral system when the majority doesn't rule. The opposite of what democracy should be. Here in Australia we've had two instances where the party that won the popular vote didn't win the majority of seats but the margin was a few thousand votes, not millions.
phonerec 2018-07-28 20:49:53
Obviously not me. And he didn't win the popular vote, Hillary did. By 3 million people. The electoral college is antiquated, and needs to be changed.
grant228 2018-07-24 08:06:51
I was going to say he must think a large percentage of your countrymen and women are dopey enough to believe such a woeful excuse but then I remembered that a lot of them voted for him!®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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