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bill 2014-09-21 22:15:19
Grant, you are too funny! As an American, I can only imagine what frustration you and your political allies are experiencing. You know what it is, Grant? A desire for "fluff." Some people just go for that stuff. They love to read the tadloids and news reports about the royal fluffsters and relish it even deeper when they present their precious keesters in their own back yard! There will always be fluff lovers and so goes the vote!
grant228 2014-09-20 01:09:15
Dave, in 1999 my countrymen and women showed the same pusillanimous streak when asked if they wanted to become a republic. I thought the majority of Scots were made of sterner stuff and the spirit of Sterling Bridge may prevail. It looks as if people of today are prepared to accept the status quo without giving it too much thought. I might emigrate!
dave 2014-09-19 21:59:17
Don't sugar coat it Grant!! :).
grant228 2014-09-19 05:44:27
In light of the Scottish referendum result, that stirring tribute to Scottish courage - Scotland the Brave - needs renaming. How about Scotland the Meek? Scotland the 'fraid? What a bunch of wimps! I'm sure those souls who fell at Culloden in the cause of Scottish independence and the icon of Scottish freedom, William Wallace, have shed a tear wherever they may be.
bill 2014-09-17 10:19:40
It takes a bit of doing to decide which quizzes go where. For example, should Hitler go in both the History category and the German History category (he was actually Austrian but never mind that)? In his case, I've decided to do so.

There is a fine line between having a Personality Quiz in too many categories and not enough categories. More of an art than a science!
bill 2014-09-17 10:12:39
Kick 'em out, Dave!
dave 2014-09-17 08:47:06
Bill, this is great. We need more quizzes on History and European History is my favorite.
bill 2014-09-16 23:17:04
Gang - I spent a great deal of time today reworking the History category. I eliminated a couple of categories including "World History." I added several categories as follows - Chinese History, French History, German History, Indian History, Israeli History, Italian History and Russian History. This will make things tighter for Google searches so folks can find our quizzes better.

I also spent hours moving quizzes in and out of categories that I thought to be repetitive or inappropriate for that quiz.

I thought this was way over due and, as with much of our work, it's a work in progress.

Please let me know if you have other thoughts about the History category or any other categories that might need reworking.

You make PeopleQuiz rock!
grant228 2014-09-16 16:00:28
And so say all of us! One of our politicians has been calling for everyone to be part of a nation of "lifters" not "leaners". Getting rid of this classic case of leaners would be an excellent example to everyone!
bill 2014-09-16 09:05:05
You never have been one for holding back, Grant! It's high time this royalty stuff gets debunked! Get a real job, mate! :-)
grant228 2014-09-16 06:51:54
Bill, as a staunch republican I'm hoping the Scots stand tall and free and tell the Poms they no longer need them (I was tempted use stronger language but realised this is a family blog). It might show my timid countrymen who roll over like puppies to have their tummies tickled every time some "royal" deigns to visit, that their allegiance is tied to a shrinking concern. The French revolutionaries had the right idea when it came to royalty! I'm hoping Nessie's vote won't be necessary.
bill 2014-09-15 22:46:30
So Grant, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the upcoming Scottish seccesion vote. They say that Nessie will cast the deciding vote if it comes to a draw! Hilarious!
dave 2014-09-15 22:32:31
grant228 2014-09-15 07:18:39
Here's the proof of a summer's day in Alberta. The date on the pic is in day/month/year format.
bill 2014-09-14 10:39:38
Zen, in reference to the Miss America pageant, I was born drooling; that's my normal modus operandi. I shift into panting mode for the Miss America pageant...
grant228 2014-09-13 00:29:47
Bill, I have to agree with Dave. Oceania is the region. Oceanic is the adjective. Knowing where you live, I think you've got quite a drive to reach the ocean!
bill 2014-09-12 23:29:08
Grant, we don't have that kind of weather here yet! For the most part, it's still summer.

Dave, I think I'm going to jump in the Ocean after all this discussion!
dave 2014-09-12 20:24:49
Bill, the only continent is Australia. Oceania is the region. I'm positive the term your looking for for the geographic region is Oceania. Oceanic would be an adjective not a noun. I have no idea what Oceanian would be.
grant228 2014-09-12 15:59:48
Bill, I've heard oceanic but not oceanian. By the way, you and your fellow northerners must be a tough breed. My teacher currently on exchange in Alberta sent a photo on Wednesday showing her school blanketed by snow! I thought it was still summer over there?
bill 2014-09-12 12:07:42
Right, that's the name of the continent. However, I'm looking for the correct demonym. For example, I wrote, "North American Geography." North American refers to the residents of North America or belonging to North America.

So what is correct for Oceania? If not Oceanian, I guess it must be Oceanic. Grant?
dave 2014-09-12 10:54:23
In business in North America we use Oceania
bill 2014-09-12 09:16:10
What should it read, Grant? Oceanic?
grant228 2014-09-12 07:56:27
Gentlemen, have just checked the new geography categories and feel "Oceanian" needs correction.
dave 2014-09-10 21:58:28
bill 2014-09-10 19:29:27
So Grant, the name of the category should be "Oceanic Geography"?
grant228 2014-09-10 15:58:00
Too many visits to the refrigerator? I think the correct terminology is 'Oceania' or 'Oceanic'. Regarding the relative merits of both codes, the AFL people in retaliation call rugby league 'thugby league' or mobile wrestling.
dave 2014-09-10 11:27:23
Bill, I think it's Oceana

Thanks for the Clemson Quiz Orange
bill 2014-09-10 11:13:16
Hi Gang - we decided to break the Geography category into sub categories by continent. Hope you like the change.

Grant, is "Oceanian Geography" grammatically correct?
bill 2014-09-10 11:11:01
That's hilarious! Since when did a person's degree of toughness become judged on the degree to which he can get his head kicked in and still stand?! I hear Refrigerator Perry is now about 400 pounds and not in good shape!
grant228 2014-09-09 07:30:53
Bill, the AFL game is looked down on by the rugby league fraternity as not being tough enough. They feel there's too much kicking hence their nickname for it of "aerial ping pong". Regarding injuries, all contact sports out here are beginning to become concerned by the number of brain related problems in retired players. The fellow I remember from your game was the one nicknamed "the refrigerator".®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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