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Trivia Quiz - The Three Stooges: Part 1

See how many of these you get right - you knucklehead! Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Shemp Howard, Joe Besser and Curly Joe DeRita were all Three Stooges! Great Three Stooges trivia here!

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The Three Stooges Part 1
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1. The foundation of the The Three Stooges were the Howard brothers. Which one the following Stooges was not a Howard brother?
  A.   Larry
  B.   Shemp
  C.   Curly
  D.   Moe

2. The original ensemble of "Ted Healy and His Stooges" was formed in 1925. Which of the following Stooges were the first to work with Healy?
  A.   Larry and Moe
  B.   Shemp and Moe
  C.   Curly and Shemp
  D.   Moe and Curly

3. Who was the oldest Stooge?
  A.   Larry
  B.   Shemp
  C.   Curly
  D.   Moe

4. Who was the youngest Stooge?
  A.   Larry
  B.   Shemp
  C.   Curly
  D.   Moe

5. Which of the following men was NOT a director of The Three Stooges?
  A.   Hal Roach
  B.   Jules White
  C.   Del Lord
  D.   Edward Bernds

6. Which of the following actors or actresses did NOT appear in a Three Stooges short?
  A.   Lucille Ball
  B.   Lloyd Bridges
  C.   Walter Brennan
  D.   Maureen O�Hara

7. The Stooges had several supporting players. Which one of the following supporting players did Moe invite to become a regular member of the Stooges after Larry Fine retired in the 1970's?
  A.   Emil Sitka
  B.   Vernon Dent
  C.   Jock Mahoney
  D.   Bud Jamison

8. Why did Curly retire in 1946?
  A.   his fellow Stooges forced him out
  B.   he was burned out
  C.   he was in poor health due to suffering a stroke
  D.   he wanted to start withdrawing money from his 401K Stooge Savings Account

9. Larry Fine was an accomplished player of what musical instrument?
  A.   clarinet
  B.   violin
  C.   French horn
  D.   piano

10. Curly was very fond of what animal?
  A.   dogs
  B.   cats
  C.   birds
  D.   horses®   

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