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Trivia Quiz - American Revolutionary War Basics

Test your knowledge on this Revolutionary War trivia!

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American Revolutionary War Basics
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1. The Revolutionary War was also known as:
  A.   America-British War
  B.   North American War
  C.   American War of Independence
  D.   Seven Years War

2. The commander-in-chief of all American Armies during the War was:
  A.   Samuel Adams
  B.   Richard Montgomery
  C.   Paul Revere
  D.   George Washington

3. In 1775, for the first time in history, the Continental Congress assembled an organized army called the:
  A.   Continental Army
  B.   American Army
  C.   Minutemen
  D.   Patriotic Army

4. The commander-in-chief for all British troops in the colonies was:
  A.   General Henry Clinton
  B.   General WIlliam Howe
  C.   General Thomas Gage
  D.   General John Burgoyne

5. What two countries eventually helped the rebels against the British?
  A.   France and Spain
  B.   France and Poland
  C.   Spain and Portugal
  D.   France and Russia

6. George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River on what night in 1776 to attack Trenton, New Jersey?
  A.   Easter
  B.   New Years Day
  C.   Christmas
  D.   Ground Hog Day

7. 2,500 of Washington's 10,000 men died during the winter of 1777 at what camp outside of Philadelphia?
  A.   Valley Forge
  B.   Cherry Valley
  C.   Salem
  D.   Fort Ticonderoga

8. What British General made it a nasty habit of chasing Washington through New England in the winter of 1776-1777?
  A.   General Charles Cornwallis
  B.   General Willam Howe
  C.   General Henry Clinton
  D.   General John Burgoyne

9. What battle effectively ended the war on October 6, 1781?
  A.   The Battle of Norfolk
  B.   Battle of King's Mountain
  C.   The Battle of Richmond
  D.   The Battle of Yorktown

10. The Revolutionary War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in what year?
  A.   1782
  B.   1783
  C.   1784
  D.   1785®   

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