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Trivia Quiz - Hockey - Odds & Ends

Miscellaneous hockey questions - see if you can get them all!

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Hockey  Odds  Ends
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1. Who is the first player to win four major individual awards in one season?
  A.   Bobby Orr
  B.   Wayne Gretsky
  C.   Jari Kurri
  D.   Steve Yzerman

2. Who was the first player to play for 12 different franchises?
  A.   Igor Ulanov of the Edmonton Oilers
  B.   Jim McKenzie of the Nashville Predators
  C.   Reid Simpson of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  D.   Mike Sillinger of the St. Louis Blues

3. What is Ryan Malone's "claim to fame?"
  A.   The first hometown player for the Pittsburgh Penguins
  B.   The first hometown player for the Philadelphia Flyers
  C.   The first hometown player for the Nashville Predators
  D.   The first hometown player for the Columbus Blue Jackets

4. The first game in NHL history to exceed 176:30 on March 24, 1936 when the Detroit Red Wings beat the Montreal Maroons, 1-0? Who scored the winning goal?
  A.   Herbie Lewis
  B.   Mud Bruneteau
  C.   Marty Barry
  D.   Syd Howe

5. Which NHL player occasionally celebrated scoring a goal by smashing himself into the rink glass?
  A.   Joey Kocur of the Detroit Red Wings
  B.   George Laraque of the Edmonton Oilers
  C.   Reed Low of the St. Louis Blues
  D.   Mike Keane of the Vancouver Canucks

6. In 1990, the NHL suspended Edmonton goalie Grant Fuhr after he admitted using cocaine earlier in his career, resulting in the longest drug suspension in NHL history for past drug use. How many games was the suspension?
  A.   40 games
  B.   50 games
  C.   60 games
  D.   70 games

7. How much did Wayne Gretzky's Heritage Classic jersey sell for in an auction on e-Bay in December 2003?
  A.   US$6,000
  B.   US$16,000
  C.   US$26,000
  D.   US$36,000

8. Who was the first NHL goalie to face 2,475 shots in one season?
  A.   Dominik Hasek of the Buffalo Sabres in 1997-98
  B.   Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers in 2003-04
  C.   Curtis Joseph of the St. Louis Blues in 1993-94
  D.   Felix Potvin of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1996-97

9. Who is the first player to be awarded two penalty shots in an overtime period?
  A.   Patrick Elias of the New Jersey Devils
  B.   Sergei Federov of the Detroit Red Wings
  C.   Peter Forsberg of the Colorado Avalanche
  D.   Rocket Richard of the Montreal Canadiens

10. What is the "Gordie Howe hat trick?"
  A.   A goal, an assist and a fight in a game
  B.   Three goals in a game
  C.   A goal, an assist and a major penalty in a game
  D.   A goal, an assist and a penalty shot in a game®   

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