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Trivia Quizzes - Australian History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 'Weary' Dunlop - A True HeroAustralian HistoryErnest Dunlop  grant2285442.4
2 Anthony Albanese - Australia's 31st Prime MinisterHistory, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant228380
3 Anzacs at GallipoliWorld War I, Australian History  grant22842059.9
4 ANZACS at Gallipoli - Part IIHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant2281746.5
5 Arthur Phillip - Founder of AustraliaHistory, Australian HistoryArthur Phillip  grant2282847.9
6 Australia's Capitals and Biggest CitiesAustralian History, Oceanic Geography  grant2286780.6
7 Australian Flag Facts & HistoryAustralian History, Oceanic Geography  grant22827254.1
8 Australian History and GeographyAustralian History, Oceanic Geography  lmcubs11571.1
9 Australian Icons: Awesome Aussies!Australian History  katkade12561.5
10 Australian Political ScandalsHistory, Australian History  grant228390
11 Australian Prime Ministers - Part 4History, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2281165.5
12 Australian Prime Ministers: Part 3Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2286761
13 Banjo Paterson - The Voice of the Australian BushHistory, Literature, Authors, Australian History  grant2287651.3
14 Charles Kingsford SmithAmazing "Firsts" in History!, Australian History  grant2282071.5
15 Dame Nellie Melba - Australia's SopranoMusic, Singers, Australian History  grant2281166.4
16 Dawn Fraser - "World Athlete of the Century"Sports, Australian History, Olympic Sports  grant2284237.9
17 Douglas Mawson - Antarctic ExplorerAustralian History, Polar Exploration  grant2287152
18 Early Australian ExplorationAustralian History  grant22813055.8
19 Henry Lawson - The Bard from the BushLiterature, Authors, Australian History  grant228550
20 Henry Parkes - Australia's Father of FederationAustralian History  grant22829642.4
21 John Monash - Esteemed Australian GeneralHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant2281368.5
22 Joseph Banks - Renowned BotanistHistory, Australian History  grant228564
23 Lachlan Macquarie - "The Father of Australia"Australian HistoryLachlan Macquarie  grant2288945.7
24 Malcolm Turnbull - Australia's 29th Prime MinisterAustralian History, Australian Prime MinistersMalcolm B Turnbull  grant2282353.9
25 Matthew Flinders - The Man Who Named AustraliaAustralian HistoryMatthew Flinders  grant2289247
26 Nancy Wake - Decorated Woman of WWIIWorld War II, Australian HistoryNancy Wake  grant2285160
27 Ned Kelly - Cultural IconCulture, Australian History  grant22816346.2
28 Ned Kelly - Folk Hero or Murderer?Australian History  grant22829159.6
29 Peter Allen - Flamboyant Performer and SongwriterMusic, Singers, Australian History  grant2281182.7
30 Phar Lap - Australia's Equine HeroSports, Australian History  grant2285865
31 Russell Crowe - Emphatic ActorMovies, Movie Stars, Australian HistoryRussell Crowe  grant2285162.9
32 Scott Morrison - 30th Prime Minister of AustraliaHistory, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2281359.2
33 Simpson and his donkey - A hero without a gunWorld War I, Australian HistoryJohn SImpson  grant2283937.2
34 Sir Donald Bradman - "The Don"Sports, Australian HistoryDonald Bradman  grant2287256.7
35 Sister Elizabeth KennyAmerican History, Australian History, Doctors & MedicineElizabeth Kenny  grant2286058.7
36 The Eureka StockadeAustralian History  grant22876960.4
37 The First Fleet: First Europeans in AustraliaAustralian History  grant22844761.5
38 The Second Fleet - The Second Group of Ships Sent to AustraliaAustralian History  grant2283247.5
39 The Sydney Opera HouseHistory, Australian History  grant2281746.5
40 William Bligh - Controversial Sailor and GovernorBritish History, Australian HistoryWilliam Bligh  grant2281936.3

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