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Trivia Quiz - Banjo Paterson - The Voice of the Australian Bush

Banjo Paterson's poems and stories defined the concept of the Australian bush, the outback and the Australian character. His epic poem "The Man from Snowy River" epitomises the rugged qualities many Australians would like to think they possessed.

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Date Submitted: April 24, 2017
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Banjo Paterson  The Voice of the Australian Bush

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1. A. B. Paterson was born February 17, 1864 in Narrambla near Orange. What did his initials stand for?
  A.   Adam Bruce
  B.   Arnold Brian
  C.   Aloysius Benjamin
  D.   Andrew Barton

2. Paterson adopted the name Banjo after his favourite what?
  A.   horse
  B.   cricket bat
  C.   musical instrument
  D.   typewriter

3. Before becoming a writer, Banjo Paterson worked as what?
  A.   teacher
  B.   sailor
  C.   solicitor
  D.   shearer

4. Which of the following poems was not written by Banjo Paterson?
  A.   The Man from Ironbark
  B.   Andy's Gone With Cattle
  C.   Clancy of the Overflow
  D.   Waltzing Matilda

5. Banjo Paterson excelled in many sports but his passion was what activity?
  A.   boxing
  B.   horse riding
  C.   cricket
  D.   rowing

6. Banjo Paterson was a war correspondent during the Boer War. What did he do during World War I?
  A.   He was a conscientious objector.
  B.   He reported on hostilities for The Times.
  C.   He served with distinction and ended as a major.
  D.   He worked with Norman Lindsay on recruiting campaigns.

7. Which of the following poems was not written by Banjo Paterson?
  A.   The Swagman
  B.   A Bush Christening
  C.   The Geebung Polo Club
  D.   Mulga Bill's Bicycle

8. Banjo Paterson's image was reproduced on what Australian bank note?
  A.   $5
  B.   $10
  C.   $20
  D.   $50

9. In the poem The Man from Snowy River, what was the name of the title character?
  A.   Clancy
  B.   Tom
  C.   Matt
  D.   He was never named

10. Banjo Paterson died aged 76. How many of those 76 years did he live in the Australian bush?
  A.   Less than 5
  B.   Less than 10
  C.   Less than 15
  D.   Less than 20®   

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