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Trivia Quiz - The Second Fleet - The Second Group of Ships Sent to Australia

A quiz on the lesser known group of ships that brought death, disease and starvation to the struggling colony of New South Wales in 1790.

Quiz Number: 4966
Date Submitted: February 12, 2013
Quiz Categories: Australian History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Second Fleet  The Second Group of Ships Sent to Australia

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1. How many ships made up the Second Fleet?
  A.   6
  B.   10
  C.   12
  D.   15

2. The "Lady Juliana" was one of the ships of the Second Fleet. What was unique about this ship?
  A.   It was the only ship to have been part of the First Fleet.
  B.   It carried only female convicts.
  C.   It carried only free settlers and their families.
  D.   It was attacked by pirates who freed the convicts

3. Approximately how many convicts were transported in the Second Fleet?
  A.   500
  B.   750
  C.   1000
  D.   1200

4. What was the cause 256 convicts died during the voyage of the Second Fleet while another 124 died shortly after arrival?
  A.   Many of the convicts carried cholera on board from the prison hulks in the Thames
  B.   A combination of one ship sinking and an outbreak of typhoid
  C.   There was an outbreak of scurvy.
  D.   Private businesses had contracted the Fleet and starved the convicts to make money.

5. Which famous character of early Australia arrived in Sydney aboard one of the ships of the Second Fleet?
  A.   John Macarthur
  B.   Gregory Blaxland
  C.   William Bligh
  D.   Ned Kelly

6. Upon their arrival in Sydney in 1790, what affliction was evident on almost half the convicts of the Second Fleet?
  A.   ringworm
  B.   jaundice
  C.   fleas
  D.   lice

7. The book about the voyage of the Lady Juliana to Australia, written by Sian Rees, is called?
  A.   To Hell Down Under
  B.   The Heaving Whorehouse
  C.   Sex, Sails and Sodomy
  D.   The Floating Brothel

8. What effect did the arrival of the Second Fleet have on the colony of New South Wales?
  A.   It doubled the number of females in the colony
  B.   It placed a great strain on the already limited food supplies
  C.   The condition of the convicts caused outcry in England and New South Wales
  D.   All the above

9. Which of the following ships was not part of the Second Fleet to Australia?
  A.   Scarborough
  B.   Norfolk
  C.   Neptune
  D.   Surprize

10. The captain of one of the ships of the Second Fleet was....?
  A.   William Bligh of Bounty fame
  B.   A paroled pirate
  C.   A former slave trader
  D.   Later hanged by his crew®   

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