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Trivia Quiz - Australian Icons: Awesome Aussies!

Questions about the birthplace, careers and lives about these "Ozzies!"

Quiz Number: 3362
Date Submitted: April 16, 2010
Quiz Categories: Australian History
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: katkade
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Australian Icons Awesome Aussies
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1. I was married to a famous Hollywood star and, though I moved to Hollywood from Australia, I was born in Hawaii. Who am I?
  A.   Olivia Newton-John
  B.   Deborra-Lee Furness
  C.   Nicole Kidman
  D.   Elle McPherson

2. My career spans country music, pop music, concerts, touring and movies. I was actually born in England. I am...
  A.   Kylie Minogue
  B.   Olivia Newton-John
  C.   Delta Goodrem
  D.   Natalie Brassingwhaite

3. Although English born, we are internationally acclaimed. We later moved to the USA, but got our start in show business in Australia:
  A.   The Bee Gees
  B.   AC/DC
  C.   Midnight Oil
  D.   Savage Garden

4. I am a New Zealand-born, naturalized Australian actor. I am known for my high profile roles in Hollywood and am the second-youngest of the bunch you see below:
  A.   Russell Crowe
  B.   Sam Neill
  C.   Mel Gibson
  D.   Hugh Jackman

5. Touted as one of Australia's best exports, I was actually born in New York:
  A.   Eric Bana
  B.   Anthony LaPaglia
  C.   Paul Hogan
  D.   Mel Gibson

6. I'm known around the world for my hit "Love is in the Air". I'm an Aussie now but I was born in Scotland:
  A.   David Campbell
  B.   Keith Urban
  C.   John Paul Young
  D.   Jimmy Barnes

7. We are 3 brothers born in Scotland, but have come to musical fame in Australia. George, the eldest was in a 60's pop group, while the other 2 are part of a renowned heavy rock band:
  A.   Midnight Oil
  B.   AC/DC
  C.   Cold Chisel
  D.   Rose Tattoo

8. I'm one of Australia's leading female actors for my role in the Aussie TV drama, "Halifax f.p." I was born & raised in New Zealand:
  A.   Rose Byrne
  B.   Poppy Montgomery
  C.   Nicole Kidman
  D.   Rebecca Gibney

9. Australia's enduring "Queen of Pop", I came here at 16 for the musical "Hair". I was born in the USA:
  A.   Tara Moss
  B.   Marcia Hines
  C.   Kathy Lette
  D.   Toni Childs

10. I recently emigrated to Australia, but I had some big hits in the 70's. I am an Englishman by birth:
  A.   Leo Sayer
  B.   Jimmy Barnes
  C.   Brian McFadden
  D.   Ross Noble®   

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