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Trivia Quizzes - Singers

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Aimee MannSingersAimee Mann  bill3262.8
2 Al Jolson - "The World's Greatest Entertainer"Music, American Culture, SingersAl Jolson  grant2281276.7
3 Andy WilliamsSingers, Television StarsAndy Williams  BENJ9510454
4 Andy Williams: Mr. ChristmasSingersAndy Williams  lmcubs22652.8
5 Angel Songs - It's Heavenly!Music, Singers  lmcubs13351.4
6 Aretha Franklin - Queen of SoulMusic, SingersAretha L Franklin  grant2285848.8
7 Avril LavigneSingersAvril R Lavigne  Imi <3 :)5556.9
8 Barbra Streisand LyricsMusic, SingersBarbra Streisand  zendyk15364.1
9 Beyonce - Super DivaMusic, SingersBeyonce Knowles  grant2281177.3
10 Billy Bob Thornton: Multi-Dimensional EntertainerMovie Stars, SingersBilly Bob Thornton  0zero07149.4
11 Billy Joel: Piano ManPop Music, SingersBilly Joel  lmcubs18859.5
12 Bing Crosby: Classic CroonerMovie Stars, SingersBing Crosby  lmcubs28244.5
13 Bing Crosby: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, SingersBing Crosby  bill24153.4
14 Bob Dylan - Enduring Songwriter and National ConscienceMusic, American Culture, SingersBob Dylan  grant22819030.8
15 Brenda Lee: Little Lady, Large TalentSingersBrenda Lee  0zero07954.9
16 Bret Michaels: Poison Front ManSingers, PoisonBret Michaels  dartjock9863.4
17 Bruce Springsteen: "The Boss"Singers, Rock MusicBruce Springsteen  trickymutha17556
18 Burton Cummings: Rock's Greatest Voice?Singers, Rock MusicBurton Cummings  bill17347.1
19 Carly SimonSingersCarly Simon  bill5371.9
20 Cass Elliot - A Remarkable Singer!Music, Singers  grant2282100
21 Celebrities Behaving Badly on PlanesMovie Stars, Singers  patrickryan5555.6
22 Dame Nellie Melba - Australia's SopranoMusic, Singers, Australian History  grant228455
23 David Bowie: Influential MusicianPop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Glam RockDavid Bowie  bill7277.8
24 Davy Jones: Teen IdolRock -n- Roll, Singers, Television Stars, The MonkeesDavy Jones  dartjock21557
25 Dean Martin: Personal FactsMovie Stars, SingersDean Martin  scarlettem48663.9
26 Dennis Yost : A Unique VoiceRock -n- Roll, SingersDennis Yost  lmcubs7859.9
27 Donald Fagen: Driving Steely DanSingers, Steely DanDonald Fagen  bill18255.7
28 Doris Day: The Girl Next DoorBig Band, SingersDoris Day  solitaire50262.8
29 Eartha Kitt - Sexy StarTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, SingersEartha Kitt  lmcubs4259
30 Eartha Kitt TributeMovie Stars, SingersEartha Kitt  Samurai Sam4755.1
31 Edith Piaf - French ChanteuseMusic, Singers, French History  grant2281166.4
32 Elton John - SuperstarMusic, Pop Music, SingersElton H John  grant2284762.6
33 Eric Clapton, Guitarist ExtraordinaireRock -n- Roll, SingersEric Clapton  phonerec29361
34 Famous People Named JonesMovie Stars, Culture, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs27778
35 Florence Henderson: Great Actress, Great Voice!Singers, The Brady Bunch, Television StarsFlorence Henderson  bill8641.6
36 Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue EyesMusic, Movies, Movie Stars, SingersFrank A Sinatra  grant22810763.8
37 Frank Zappa: American Musican and ComposerProgressive Rock, Singers, Alternative RockFrank Zappa  scarlettem26269.3
38 Frankie Avalon: Rockin' Teen Idol & Star!Movie Stars, SingersFrankie Avalon  Secret_Author33951.3
39 Frankie Valli and The Four SeasonsRock -n- Roll, R&B Music, SingersFrankie Valli  bill37268.8
40 Gene Autry: Cowboy ActorSingersGene Autry  scarlettem18146.6
41 Jimmy Buffett "Songs You Know by Heart"Country Music, SingersJimmy Buffett  lmcubs19872.9
42 John DenverCountry Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ9529965.5
43 John Denver Song LyricsMusic, Country Music, Folk Music, SingersJohn Denver  BENJ959066.9
44 John Mayer: Born & RaisedPop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Jazz RockJohn Mayer  Samurai Sam8656.4
45 Johnny Mathis: The Velvet VoiceMusic, SingersJohnny Mathis  Secret_Author8943.9
46 Jon Anderson: Yes Co-FounderProgressive Rock, Yes, SingersJon Anderson  yarstruly17771
47 Judy Garland: Voice Like an AngelMovie Stars, SingersJudy Garland  bill57274.3
48 Julio IglesiasSingers, Latin, Salsa & MamboJulio Iglesias  bill6456.7
49 Justin Bieber - Part IIPop Music, SingersJustin Bieber  belieber6558
50 Justin Bieber: Canadian Pop SingerSingersJustin Bieber  BubblyJolie1,22856.1
51 Karen Carpenter-Voice of an Angel - Gone Too SoonPop Music, SingersKaren Carpenter  0zero01,78563.1
52 Karen Carpenter: A Friend of MinePop Music, SingersKaren Carpenter  #1KACFAN61360.3
53 Kelly ClarksonSingersKelly Clarkson  stringbean7949.1
54 Kenny Rogers: The GamblerCountry Music, SingersKenny Rogers  martha24845
55 Kid RockMusic, Rock -n- Roll, Rap and Hip-Hop, Singers, Rock MusicKid Rock  dartjock24057.3
56 Kylie Minogue - Australia's ShowgirlMusic, SingersKylie Minogue  grant228360
57 Lady Gaga - An American OriginalSingersLady Gaga  lmcubs4362.1
58 Marc Anthony: Latin Singer & ActorSingersMarc Anthony  catherine24748.1
59 Olivia Newton-John: We Honestly Love YouMovie Stars, SingersOlivia Newton-John  lmcubs19765.4
60 Patsy Cline: Legendary Country SingerSingersPatsy Cline  scarlettem20855
61 Paul Simon: American Song Writer and SingerMusic, SingersPaul Simon  Secret_Author7549.5
62 Paul Stanley: KISS GuitaristSingers, Glam Rock, KISSPaul Stanley  yarstruly57664.5
63 Paul Stanley: More on the KISS Co-FounderSingers, Glam Rock, KISSPaul Stanley  dartjock4270.5
64 Perry Como, A Favorite American CroonerPop Music, SingersPerry Como  phonerec11554.3
65 Peter Allen - Flamboyant Performer and SongwriterMusic, Singers, Australian History  grant2281081
66 Porter Wagoner: County Music LegendCountry Music, SingersPorter Wagoner  bill20157.7
67 Premature Deaths of Rock Stars: The 1970sRock -n- Roll, Singers  bill46652.3
68 Randy Newman: His MusicPop Music, SingersRandy Newman  Samurai Sam4962.2
69 Ray Stevens: Novelty Song WriterComedians, Country Music, SingersRay Stevens  dartjock7939.2
70 Ricky Nelson: Teen IdolSingers, Television StarsRicky Nelson  scarlettem17368.2
71 Robin Gibb: Bee Gees Co-FounderDisco, Pop Music, SingersRobin H Gibb  dartjock16767.5
72 Rock-n-Roll's Front MenRock -n- Roll, Singers  dartjock9883.1
73 Rod StewartSingers, Rock MusicRod Stewart  bill28171.3
74 Ronnie James DioSingers, Heavy Metal, Rock MusicRonnie Dio  jetrose8110863.8
75 Rosemary Clooney: American Pop SingerSingersRosemary Clooney  scarlettem8159.3
76 Roy Orbison: Legendary Rock VocalistRock -n- Roll, SingersRoy Orbison  Samurai Sam16257.9
77 Sandra Dee: Guys' Teen Heart ThrobMovie Stars, SingersSandra Dee  0zero017552.5
78 Shelley Fabares: American Actress & SingerSingers, Television StarsShelley Fabares  bill7958
79 Signature TunesMusic, Singers  grant2283268.1
80 Silly Tattoos on CelebritiesMovie Stars, Singers  patrickryan3249.7
81 Singers in MoviesMusic, Movies, Singers  dartjock5060.8
82 Songs with the word "moon" in the the title - Part 2Music, Singers  grant2281045
83 Steve WinwoodSingers, Rock MusicSteve Winwood  bill3843.7
84 Stevie Wonder: His Early CareerPop Music, SingersStevie Wonder  bill9544.9
85 Susan Boyle: Singing Sensation!SingersSusan M Boyle  BubblyJolie5053.2
86 Tammy Wynette: First Lady of Country MusicCountry Music, SingersTammy Wynette  0zero025046.8
87 The Bee GeesMusic, Disco, Singers  grant2281655
88 The Big Bopper: The Day the Music DiedRock -n- Roll, SingersJ.P. Richardson  LittleLady8542.8
89 Tina Turner - Rock Queen of the AgesMusic, Pop Music, SingersTina Turner  grant2285046.4
90 Tom Jones - Ageless SuperstarMusic, Pop Music, SingersTom Jones  grant22811052.9
91 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 1Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs9254.1
92 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 2Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs4551.1
93 Wendy Rule: Song Album MatchMusic, Singers  heather~emo princess455
94 Where Were These Celebrities Born?Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  scarlettem8559.2
95 Whitney Houston: Pop DivaPop Music, SingersWhitney Houston  dartjock30474

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