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Trivia Quiz - 'Weary' Dunlop - A True Hero

In a time when sporting figures and movie stars are called 'heroes', Weary Dunlop's life was one of true heroism. An Australian Hero!

Quiz Number: 3813
Date Submitted: January 20, 2011
Quiz Categories: Australian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Ernest Dunlop

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Weary Dunlop  A True Hero
(Image Source: Ernest Edward "Weary" Dunlop)

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1. Weary was born Ernest Edward Dunlop in Victoria in 1907. How did he get his nickname?
  A.   The tired expression he always bore
  B.   As a pun on the tremendous energy he always displayed
  C.   As a play on his last name
  D.   At 6' 3" he was slightly stooped and gave a weary appearance

2. In 1934 Weary represented Australia in which sport?
  A.   Rugby Union
  B.   Rugby League
  C.   Cricket
  D.   Swimming

3. When World War II was declared, Weary volunteered as a doctor and saw service in Europe and the Middle East. In which country did he not serve?
  A.   Palestine
  B.   Crete
  C.   France
  D.   Greece

4. Captured by the Japanese after transferring to Java, Weary became commander and medical officer of over 1000 Australians working on which project?
  A.   Thai-Burma Railway
  B.   Fortification of Singapore
  C.   Japanese nuclear program
  D.   Growing crops for the Japanese Imperial Army in Java

5. Weary's command had a low mortality rate compared to other POW camps. What was one measure he instigated that saved many lives.
  A.   Production of grain alcohol which was used as a disinfectant and sedative
  B.   Immunisation against malaria
  C.   Construction of bamboo showers
  D.   Removal of all ground water to stop mosquito breeding

6. Weary saved the lives of many prisoners through his skill and bravery. When the Japanese commander of the camp attempted to bayonet a severely wounded patient, Bill Griffiths, what was Weary's response?
  A.   If you are going to do that, you must go through me first!
  B.   Do that and you'll hang as a war criminal
  C.   He pleaded that Griffiths was trained in fighting tropical diseases
  D.   He grabbed the bayonet from the soldier's grasp

7. Which deadly disease did Weary contract but not succumb to?
  A.   Beri-beri
  B.   Cholera
  C.   Meningitis
  D.   Typhoid

8. Weary attempted to smuggle a radio into the camp but was caught by a guard. What did he do that saved his life?
  A.   He told the guard he was taking the radio to the commander after finding it in his barracks
  B.   He gave the radio to the guard as a gift
  C.   He bribed the guard with some money and gifts
  D.   He told the guard it was medical supplies

9. Following World War II, Weary returned to medicine. He led a team of doctors to which conflict?
  A.   Korean War
  B.   Six Day Arab-Israeli War
  C.   Vietnam War
  D.   Malaya Emergency

10. For his bravery during World War II and his contribution to peace following it, Weary was honoured in many ways. Which of the following did he initially refuse?
  A.   Australian of the Year - 1976
  B.   Knighthood from the Queen of England - 1969
  C.   An episode on "This is Your Life" - 1979
  D.   Knight Grand Cross from the Thai Royal House - 1993®   

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