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Trivia Quiz - Malcolm Turnbull - Australia's 29th Prime Minister

In September, 2015 Malcolm Turnbull achieved his ambition to become Australian Prime Minister. Take ten questions on this remarkable politician.

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Date Submitted: September 15, 2015
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Quiz is about: Malcolm B Turnbull

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Malcolm Turnbull  Australias 29th Prime Minister
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1. In what Australian city was Malcolm Turnbull born in October, 1954?
  A.   Canberra
  B.   Melbourne
  C.   Adelaide
  D.   Sydney

2. Malcolm Turnbull's parents divorced when he was nine. Who then raised him?
  A.   His father
  B.   his mother
  C.   his grandmother
  D.   John Howard

3. As a barrister Malcolm Turnbull appeared in what controversial British case?
  A.   The Yorkshire Ripper
  B.   The Birmingham Six
  C.   The Guildford Four
  D.   The Spycatcher case

4. In 1987 Malcolm Turnbull began an investment banking company with members of which two political families?
  A.   Whitlam and Wran
  B.   Howard and Fraser
  C.   Anthony and Sinclair
  D.   Rudd and Keating

5. As Chairman of Axiom Forest Resources, Turnbull's company was criticized by the government of what Pacific country for environmentally unsustainable clear-felling practices?
  A.   Papua New Guinea
  B.   Solomon Islands
  C.   New Caledonia
  D.   Cook Islands

6. Malcolm Turnbull became a national identity with his leadership of what campaign?
  A.   Life, Be In It
  B.   AIDS reduction
  C.   Finding Homes for Homeless Campaign
  D.   Republican movement

7. Malcolm Turnbull was elected to the Australian Parliament in 2004 representing what New South Wales seat?
  A.   Bennelong
  B.   Warringah
  C.   Wentworth
  D.   Blaxland

8. As Leader of the Opposition in 2009, Malcolm Turnbull was defeated as leader of his party for his support of what?
  A.   Gay marriage
  B.   Greenhouse gas reduction
  C.   National broadband program
  D.   Abortion on demand

9. What ministry did Malcolm Turnbull hold in the Tony Abbott government?
  A.   Treasury
  B.   Foreign Affairs
  C.   Communications
  D.   Trade

10. Malcolm Turnbull defeated Tony Abbott in a leadership spill in September to become Liberal Party leader, hence Prime Minister. Which of the following did they not have in common?
  A.   religion
  B.   both Rhodes scholars
  C.   both come from the same state
  D.   support of the monarchy®   

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