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Trivia Quiz - Ned Kelly - Cultural Icon

Find ten of the cultural experiences and icons found in Australian society related to Ned Kelly and his exploits.

Quiz Number: 4647
Date Submitted: August 15, 2012
Quiz Categories: Culture, Australian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Ned Kelly  Cultural Icon

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1. Which Australian artist painted a series of pictures based on Ned Kelly and his crimes?
  A.   Sidney Nolan
  B.   Russell Drysdale
  C.   William Dobell
  D.   Frederick McCubbin

2. Which American country singer recorded a song about Ned Kelly?
  A.   Conway Twitty
  B.   Johnny Cash
  C.   Merle Haggard
  D.   Tex Ritter

3. Which English personality portrayed Ned Kelly in a 1969 movie?
  A.   Paul McCartney
  B.   John Lennon
  C.   Mick Jagger
  D.   Oliver Reed

4. Which of the following expressions has gone into the Australian vocabulary?
  A.   Tough as Ned Kelly
  B.   Bad as Ned Kelly
  C.   Bold as Ned Kelly
  D.   Game as Ned Kelly

5. Which Australian actor was cast as Ned Kelly in the most recent film of Kelly's life in 2003?
  A.   Hugh Jackman
  B.   Russell Crowe
  C.   Heath Ledger
  D.   Guy Pearce

6. What was "The Story of the Kelly Gang", created in 1906?
  A.   An account written by Mark Twain when he visited Australia
  B.   The world's first feature length movie
  C.   A novel written by Marcus Clarke
  D.   An opera written to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Kelly's death

7. Where can visitors see a giant Ned Kelly which stands 6 metres high?
  A.   Euroa
  B.   Glenrowan
  C.   Jerilderie
  D.   Echuca

8. Which Australian writer wrote the fictitious "The True Story of the Kelly Gang", in 2000 winning the Booker Prize?
  A.   Peter Carey
  B.   Thomas Keneally
  C.   Colleen McCullough
  D.   David Malouf

9. Which of the following is not true about Ned Kelly?
  A.   The siege of Glenrowan has been commemorated on an Australian Post stamp.
  B.   His image was used as part of the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony.
  C.   A police station in Jerilderie has many images of Kelly as part of its design.
  D.   An opera called "Kelly" has been composed and performed.

10. Which other US country singer also recorded a song about Ned Kelly in 1970?
  A.   Roy Clark
  B.   Tom T. Hall
  C.   Waylon Jennings
  D.   Willie Nelson®   

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