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Trivia Quiz - Arthur Phillip - Founder of Australia

Arthur Phillip led the white settlement of Australia in the direst of circumstances. As the first governor of New South Wales he established a colony that enabled the birth of modern Australia.

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Date Submitted: October 07, 2014
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Quiz is about: Arthur Phillip

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Arthur Phillip  Founder of Australia
(Image Source: Arthur Phillip Public Domain Photo)

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1. As a 44 year old naval captain, Arthur Phillip had which future Governor of New South Wales as a lieutenant aboard the HMS Europe?
  A.   William Bligh
  B.   Philip Gidley King
  C.   Lachlan Macquarie
  D.   John Hunter

2. Which of the following is true concerning Arthur Phillip's appointment as Governor of New South Wales?
  A.   Some in the Admiralty did not think Phillip suited to the task.
  B.   It was a position no-one wanted and Phillip was considered suitable.
  C.   It was considered a convenient way to remove an ambitious Phillip.
  D.   All the above

3. As Governor of New South Wales, what power did Arthur Phillip have?
  A.   Almost absolute
  B.   He was answerable to a board made up of high ranking offices in the colony.
  C.   He was part of the Colony Tribunal, designed to implement major policy.
  D.   Limited because of the orders he received from the Admiralty

4. Which best describes Arthur Phillip's attitude to the majority of convicts?
  A.   He wanted little to do with them. That was the role of guarding officers.
  B.   He thought them incapable of reform, being of the criminal class.
  C.   He thought reform of many convicts possible.
  D.   They were a convenient source of labour for the marines to profit from.

5. Which of the following almost saw Phillip's dream of a worthwhile colony collapse?
  A.   Poor soils around Sydney
  B.   The attitude of the marine commanding officers
  C.   The arrivals of the Second and Third Fleets
  D.   All the above

6. Apart from the provision of food, what priority did Arthur Phillip have for Sydney?
  A.   To establish trading relationships with the Dutch East Indies
  B.   To send exploring parties to map the land
  C.   The construction of substantial buildings
  D.   To establish a navy and battlements to protect it.

7. Arthur Phillip exhibited a benevolent attitude towards the native Aboriginals. Which Aboriginal man did he befriend and take to England?
  A.   Bennelong
  B.   Camillaroy
  C.   Jandamurra
  D.   Yemmerrawanyea

8. Arthur Phillip made land grants to all groups except one, which was?
  A.   convicts
  B.   free settlers
  C.   soldiers
  D.   clergy

9. Which of the following is true when Arthur Phillip left Sydney in December 1792?
  A.   He was a broken and dispirited man.
  B.   He had achieved much and the colony never again faced famine.
  C.   The military had taken control, sending Phillip home in disgace.
  D.   Famine was still rife and a civil uprising was looming

10. Dying in 1814, a number of landmarks in Australia were named after Arthur Phillip. Which of the following was not one of these?
  A.   port
  B.   island
  C.   suburb
  D.   mountain®   

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