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Trivia Quiz - Australia's Capitals and Biggest Cities

Australia's capitals and large cities have some interesting background behind their names. Australia's Capitals trivia and facts!

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Date Submitted: June 11, 2012
Quiz Categories: Australian History, Oceanic Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Australias Capitals and Biggest Cities

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1. Australia's capital city is not where it first was. What is its current location?
  A.   Sydney
  B.   Melbourne
  C.   Canberra
  D.   Adelaide

2. The capital city of New South Wales is also Australia's largest city and was named after which British viscount?
  A.   Darwin
  B.   Perth
  C.   Brisbane
  D.   Sydney

3. Western Australia's capital city is named after a city in Scotland with what name?
  A.   Perth
  B.   Fremantle
  C.   Bunbury
  D.   Esperance

4. The capital of South Australia has what woman's name?
  A.   Victoria
  B.   Bethany
  C.   Adelaide
  D.   Elizabeth

5. The capital city of Queensland was named after which early colonial governor?
  A.   Phillip
  B.   King
  C.   Macquarie
  D.   Brisbane

6. Which 19th century scientist shares his name with the capital city of the Northern Territory?
  A.   Darwin
  B.   Pasteur
  C.   Faraday
  D.   Fleming

7. Tasmania's capital city is named after an early colonial secretary with what name?
  A.   Palmerston
  B.   Risdon
  C.   Murdoch
  D.   Hobart

8. Victoria's capital was named after which British Prime Minister?
  A.   Pitt
  B.   Melbourne
  C.   Grenville
  D.   Grafton

9. Which Australian city is the sixth largest in terms of population?
  A.   Wollongong
  B.   Geelong
  C.   Gold Coast
  D.   Cairns

10. What city is Australia's seventh largest and named after a similar city in Britain.
  A.   Liverpool
  B.   Canterbury
  C.   Swansea
  D.   Newcastle®   

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