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Trivia Quiz - William Bligh - Controversial Sailor and Governor

A remarkable sailor whose career was dogged with mutiny and rebellion.

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Date Submitted: September 10, 2011
Quiz Categories: British History, Australian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: William Bligh

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William Bligh  Controversial Sailor and Governor
(Image Source: Willliam Bligh Public Domain Image)

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1. How old was William Bligh when he joined the Royal Navy?
  A.   5
  B.   7
  C.   12
  D.   16

2. With which two British sailors did William Bligh serve?
  A.   Cook and Hardy
  B.   Nelson and Fremantle
  C.   Fremantle and Cook
  D.   Nelson and Cook

3. Bligh was appointed to the HMAV Bounty in 1787 with orders to do what?
  A.   Discover a route through the Northwest Passage
  B.   Subdue an uprising in the British East Indies
  C.   Procure breadfruit from Tahiti for transplanting to the Carribean
  D.   View the transit of Venus across the sun from Tahiti

4. When Bligh's crew mutineed, he was placed with his followers in a rowing boat and successfully landed on the island of Timor. How far was this journey?
  A.   3,600 nautical miles
  B.   5,200 nautical miles
  C.   6,300 nautical miles
  D.   8,400 naiutical miles

5. In 1806 Bligh arrived in the colony of New South Wales as Governor with orders to stamp out which illicit trade?
  A.   opium
  B.   diamonds
  C.   gold
  D.   rum

6. With which prominent Sydney character did Bligh clash; a conflict which saw Bligh's arrest and removal as Governor?
  A.   John Macarthur
  B.   Samuel Marsden
  C.   William Wentworth
  D.   Francis Greenway

7. To which island did the majority of the Bounty mutineers eventually move?
  A.   Tahiti
  B.   Pitcairn
  C.   Lord Howe
  D.   Norfolk

8. Which of the following character traits was not typical of William Bligh?
  A.   political awareness
  B.   foul tongue
  C.   violent temper
  D.   strong will

9. What was the highest rank Bligh achieved in the Royal Navy?
  A.   Rear Admiral
  B.   Admiral
  C.   Vice Admiral
  D.   Commodore

10. Bligh died in 1817. His grave has a model of what on the tombstone?
  A.   The Bounty
  B.   An anchor
  C.   A breadfruit
  D.   A sextant®   

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