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Trivia Quiz - Early Australian Exploration

How much do you know about some of the brave men who explored the Australian continent?

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Date Submitted: July 10, 2012
Quiz Categories: Australian History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Early Australian Exploration

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1. Who solved the "riddle of the rivers" by sailing the Murray River to the sea in 1830?
  A.   John Oxley
  B.   Charles Sturt
  C.   Thomas Mitchell
  D.   Allan Cunningham

2. Who were the explorers who perished attempting a south-north crossing of Australia in 1861?
  A.   Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth
  B.   Stuart and Forrest
  C.   Burke and Wills
  D.   Leichhardt and Mitchell

3. Who was an explorer of Western Australia, later becoming its governor?
  A.   James Stirling
  B.   John Stuart
  C.   John Eyre
  D.   Fredrick Panter

4. Which explorer led the expedition from the Darling Downs to the site of present-day Darwin in 1845?
  A.   Edmund Kennedy
  B.   John Oxley
  C.   William Wentworth
  D.   Ludwig Leichhardt

5. Who led the first successful expedition to cross Australia from south to north and return?
  A.   Charles Sturt
  B.   John McDouall Stuart
  C.   William Lawson
  D.   John Forrest

6. Who explored much of far north Queensland, dying when speared by Aborigines in 1848?
  A.   William Gosse
  B.   William Patterson
  C.   Edmund Kennedy
  D.   Frank Gregory

7. Who successfully journeyed from Adelaide to Albany in Western Australia in 1841 - a trip of over 2000 miles?
  A.   Ludwig Leichhardt
  B.   Hamilton Hum
  C.   Alfred Bussell
  D.   Edward Eyre

8. Which argumentative duo made the first successful trip from Sydney to the site of present-day Melbourne in 1824?
  A.   Bass and Flinders
  B.   Burke and Wills
  C.   Hume and Hovell
  D.   Lawson and Wentworth

9. Who explored much of north-western New South Wales in 1817-18 naming such rivers as the Lachlan, Macquarie and Hastings?
  A.   John Oxley
  B.   John Ovens
  C.   John Molloy
  D.   John Stuart

10. Who led three expeditions to Central Australia in the 1870s?
  A.   Edward Eyre
  B.   John Stuart
  C.   Ernest Giles
  D.   John Forrest®   

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