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Trivia Quiz - Douglas Mawson - Antarctic Explorer

A quiz on Douglas Mawson, the Australian explorer whose epic Antarctic trek became legendary in terms of endurance and the will to live.

Quiz Number: 4899
Date Submitted: December 27, 2012
Quiz Categories: Australian History, Polar Exploration
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Douglas Mawson  Antarctic Explorer

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1. Which branch of science was Douglas Mawson's love?
  A.   Geology
  B.   Biology
  C.   Vulcanology
  D.   Astronomy

2. Mawson's first expedition to Antarctica saw him and Edgeworth David sledge what distance in 122 days?
  A.   1500 kilometres
  B.   2000 kilometres
  C.   2500 kilometres
  D.   3000 kilometres

3. Why did Douglas Mawson decline Robert Scott's invitation to join his expedition to the South Pole?
  A.   Mawson thought Scott ill-prepared and doomed to fail.
  B.   Mawson was still recovering from his trip with Edgeworth David
  C.   Mawson felt Scott's ambitions did not marry with his scientific interests.
  D.   Mawson had already been approached by Roald Amundsen.

4. Mawson's most famous trek (1912-13) involved Belgrave Ninnis and Xavier Mertz. What disaster befell them first?
  A.   Mertz broke his leg and needed to be carried on his sledge.
  B.   A survival tent was left behind
  C.   An advance party became lost and did not prepare the necessary supply tent
  D.   Ninnis fell to his death through a crevasse, taking his sledge, dogs and most of the food with him

5. After losing most of their supplies, the party began to eat the remaining dogs which caused what to happen?
  A.   The men's hair fell out
  B.   They began to lose their minds
  C.   The soles of their feet fell off.
  D.   All the above

6. Xavier Mertz eventually died on the trek after first doing what?
  A.   Eating all the available food
  B.   Sacrificing himself by wandering off to allow Mawson to survive with the limited food
  C.   Telling Mawson to eat his body as the only way to survive
  D.   Biting off one of his fingers

7. As Mawson hauled his half-sledge, what fate befell him?
  A.   He began to hallucinate
  B.   He fell through an ice crevasse
  C.   His tent was torn off the sled due to intense wind
  D.   He ran out of fuel

8. Mawson eventually staggered back to his home base to learn his rescue ship had sailed a day earlier. How did this save his life?
  A.   He was too weak to have survived a long sea voyage.
  B.   The ship was struck by ice and sank off Macquarie Island.
  C.   Cholera broke out on the ship, killing 70% of the crew
  D.   The ship was later trapped in sea ice and broke up, killing all on board

9. The Australian Government has commenced a program to salvage the building Mawson and his party stayed in at Commonwealth Bay. What is the building called?
  A.   Mawson's Lodge
  B.   Mawson's Home
  C.   Mawson's Hut
  D.   Home of the Blizzard

10. Mawson was awarded a knighthood among many other accolades. On what Australian bank note was Mawson's image placed?
  A.   $20
  B.   $50
  C.   $100
  D.   $200®   

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