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Trivia Quiz - Anzacs at Gallipoli

On April 25, 1915, soldiers from Australia and New Zealand represented their countries for the first time on the field of battle. Take this trivia quiz about the legend of ANZAC and Gallipoli!

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Date Submitted: April 16, 2011
Quiz Categories: World War I, Australian History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Anzacs at Gallipoli
(Image Source: Anzacs at Gallipoli)

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1. The Gallipoli Campaign was designed to gain control of which important stretch of water?
  A.   The Bosphorus
  B.   The Dardenelles
  C.   The Strait of Kerch
  D.   The Lemnos Strait

2. ANZAC is an acronym for Australian and New Zealand _____ _______?
  A.   Allied Contingent
  B.   Artillery Command
  C.   Army Corps
  D.   Assault Commandos

3. Who was the commander of the ANZAC forces at Gallipoli?
  A.   General Alexander Godley
  B.   General Harry Chauvel
  C.   General John Monash
  D.   General Thomas Blayney

4. The Gallipoli Campaign was an invasion of which country?
  A.   Bulgaria
  B.   Greece
  C.   Turkey
  D.   Russia

5. Who initially suggested and devised the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   General Douglas Haig
  B.   Lord Kitchener
  C.   Winston Churchill
  D.   David Lloyd George

6. The bulk of the Gallipoli invasion force was made up of soldiers from Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand. Which group suffered the greatest number of deaths?
  A.   Britain
  B.   France
  C.   Australia
  D.   New Zealand

7. At the Battle of Lone Pine, how many Victoria Crosses were awarded to Australian soldiers?
  A.   6
  B.   7
  C.   10
  D.   11

8. John Simpson Kirkpatrick earned an enduring place in military history for rescuing wounded soldiers with his donkey. What was his donkey's name?
  A.   Billy
  B.   Harry
  C.   Duffy
  D.   Monty

9. How many Victoria Crosses were awarded to ANZAC troops during the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   10
  B.   11
  C.   15
  D.   18

10. Approximately how long did the Gallipoli Campaign last?
  A.   eight months
  B.   twelve months
  C.   eighteen months
  D.   two years®   

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