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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Agatha Christie Opening Lines #2Fiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie5064.2
2 Agatha Christie Part #2Fiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie6856.9
3 Agatha Christie's Favorite PoisonsFiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie7349.2
4 Agatha Christie's Opening LinesFiction Books, Agatha Christie's Works  BubblyJolie12958.9
5 Agatha Christie: British Mystery WriterAgatha Christie's Works, British AuthorsAgatha Christie  BubblyJolie14963.8
6 Angel: TV VampireAmerican TV Dramas  BubblyJolie6175.7
7 Angelina Jolie: #2Movie StarsAngelina Jolie  BubblyJolie27958.5
8 Anne HathawayMovie StarsAnne Hathaway  BubblyJolie3748.4
9 Anne Hathaway: Beautiful ActressMovie StarsAnne Hathaway  BubblyJolie10760.2
10 Bones of the Human BodyScience & Nature  BubblyJolie97979.3
11 Bones Actor-Character MatchBones  BubblyJolie8271.7
12 Bones Characters: Angela MontenegroBones  BubblyJolie9082.7
13 Bones Characters: Dr. Temperance BrennanBones  BubblyJolie18281.9
14 Bones Characters: Seeley BoothBones  BubblyJolie36174.3
15 Bones Episodes: "A Boy in a Bush"Bones  BubblyJolie3167.1
16 Bones Episodes: "The Boy in the Tree"Bones  BubblyJolie2774.1
17 Bones Episodes: "The Girl in the Fridge"Bones  BubblyJolie2960.7
18 Bones Episodes: "The Graft in the Girl"Bones  BubblyJolie1967.9
19 Bones Episodes: "The Man in the Bear"Bones  BubblyJolie1863.3
20 Bones Episodes: "The Man in the Fairway"Bones  BubblyJolie1860.6
21 Bones Episodes: "The Man in the Fallout Shelter"Bones  BubblyJolie2878.2
22 Bones Episodes: "The Man in the Morgue"Bones  BubblyJolie1356.9
23 Bones Episodes: "The Man in the SUV"Bones  BubblyJolie1777.1
24 Bones Episodes: "The Man in the Wall"Bones  BubblyJolie1970
25 Bones Episodes: "The Man on Death Row"Bones  BubblyJolie1764.7
26 Bones Episodes: "The Skull in the Desert"Bones  BubblyJolie1757.1
27 Bones Episodes: "The Soldier on the Grave"Bones  BubblyJolie1556
28 Bones Episodes: "The Superhero in the Alley"American TV Dramas, Bones  BubblyJolie1568
29 Bones Episodes: "The Woman at the Airport"Bones  BubblyJolie1271.7
30 Bones Episodes: "The Woman in Limbo"Bones  BubblyJolie1774.7
31 Bones Episodes: "The Woman in the Car'Bones  BubblyJolie9850.9
32 Bones Episodes: "The Woman in the Garden"Bones  BubblyJolie1660
33 Bones Episodes: "The Woman in the Tunnel"Bones  BubblyJolie660
34 Bones Episodes: "Woman in Limbo"Bones  BubblyJolie1169.1
35 Bones Episodes: Pilot EpisodeBones  BubblyJolie4180.7
36 Brains & Beauty: All You Need to Know About BubblyJoliePersonal Quizzes  BubblyJolie2046.5
37 Buffy the Vampire Slayer BasicsAmerican TV Dramas  BubblyJolie10971.8
38 Celebrities Born on Christmas DayChristmas  BubblyJolie11023.9
39 Charlie the UnicornAnimated Movies  BubblyJolie17178.6
40 Cheerleading and RulesSports  BubblyJolie2254.1
41 Cheerleading and Rules #2Sports  BubblyJolie2053.5
42 Cheerleading and Rules #3Sports  BubblyJolie1343.8
43 Chemistry Part IScience & Nature  BubblyJolie7947.2
44 Chemistry Part IIScience & Nature  BubblyJolie4344.2
45 Chemistry Part IIIScience & Nature  BubblyJolie3944.6
46 Chemistry Part IIIScience & Nature  BubblyJolie346.7
47 Christmas BasicsChristmas  BubblyJolie27078.3
48 Christmas Traditions Nuts & BoltsChristmas  BubblyJolie15936.1
49 CSI: Las VegasAmerican TV Dramas  BubblyJolie17478.3
50 David Boreanaz: American ActorTelevision StarsDavid P Boreanaz  BubblyJolie26760.6
51 Dreamland's Nerve CenterFiction Books  BubblyJolie465
52 Emily DeschanelTelevision Stars  BubblyJolie18371.2
53 Friends: TV Sitcom FactsFriends  BubblyJolie59164.1
54 House Characters: Dr Robert ChaseFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie63772.2
55 House Characters: Dr. Allison CameronFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie74872.3
56 House Characters: Dr. Eric ForemanFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie46081.7
57 House Characters: Dr. Gregory HouseFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie3,63986.7
58 House Characters: Dr. Gregory House Part 3Fictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie24846.5
59 House Characters: Dr. James Evan WilsonFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie84280
60 House Characters: Dr. Lisa CuddyFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie59574.3
61 House: Who Dunnit?House  BubblyJolie7744
62 Hugh Laurie: British ActorHouseHugh Laurie  BubblyJolie6563.8
63 Human Body Systems & FunctionsScience & Nature  BubblyJolie42464.1
64 The Impossible!Culture  BubblyJolie30745.5
65 Iron Chef America: Great Cooking Show!TV, Radio & Stage  BubblyJolie2859.3
66 Julia Roberts BasicsMovie StarsJulia Roberts  BubblyJolie19355.1
67 Justin Bieber: Canadian Pop SingerSingersJustin Bieber  BubblyJolie1,22856.1
68 Mathematical SymbolsScience & Nature  BubblyJolie16283.8
69 Movies Miscellaneous FactsMovies  BubblyJolie9581.6
70 MySpace: International CommunityBusiness, Technology  BubblyJolie3839.7
71 The New Deal of the 1930sAmerican History  BubblyJolie87750.6
72 New England Patriots 2007 Players Jersey Match QuizAFC East  BubblyJolie46455.1
73 New Moon: A Novel by Stephenie MeyerFiction Books  BubblyJolie22479.8
74 O.J. SimpsonCrime & Law, FootballO.J. Simpson  BubblyJolie70974.3
75 Pearl Harbor: "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"American History, World War II  BubblyJolie1,74560.5
76 Random Historical FactsHistory  BubblyJolie15647.2
77 Romeo and Juliet: Act ThreeShakespeare  BubblyJolie1,31082.9
78 Romeo and Juliet: Acts 1 and 2Shakespeare  BubblyJolie35877.2
79 "Santa Baby" LyricsMusic, Christmas  BubblyJolie13063.5
80 The Sound of Music: The Hills are Alive #2Musical Movies  BubblyJolie19659
81 Standoff Characters: Cheryl CarreraAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie1165.5
82 Standoff Characters: Emily LehmanAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie4374.4
83 Standoff Characters: Lia MathersAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie1358.5
84 Standoff Characters: Matt FlanneryAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  BubblyJolie2965.2
85 Stephen Fry: British Actor & ComedianTV, Radio & StageStephen Fry  BubblyJolie1459.3
86 Susan Boyle: Singing Sensation!SingersSusan M Boyle  BubblyJolie5053.2
87 Taylor Swift Lyric MatchPop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie6443.9
88 Taylor Swift: Secret MessagesCountry Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie6961
89 Taylor Swift: Secret Messages Part 2Country Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie3548.9
90 TJ Thyne: American ActorTelevision StarsThomas J Thyne  BubblyJolie4549.1
91 Top Chef Season One HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage  BubblyJolie3745.9
92 Top Chef: Season Two HighlightsTV Reality Shows, Food & Drink  BubblyJolie4841.3
93 Twilight: A Novel by Stephenie MeyerFiction Books  BubblyJolie3,23989.1
94 Watergate Scandal BasicsAmerican History  BubblyJolie70871.6
95 What Year Did It Happen? #1What Year Did It Happen?  BubblyJolie40530.8
96 What Year Did It Happen? #10What Year Did It Happen?  BubblyJolie13928.3
97 What Year Did It Happen? #11What Year Did It Happen?  BubblyJolie8531.9
98 What Year Did It Happen? #12What Year Did It Happen?  BubblyJolie8132.7
99 What Year Did It Happen? #13What Year Did It Happen?  BubblyJolie5925.4
100 What Year Did It Happen? #2What Year Did It Happen?  BubblyJolie7135.4

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