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Trivia Quiz - Bones Episodes: "Woman in Limbo"

"Bones" Episodes: "Woman in Limbo" quiz.

Quiz Number: 3117
Date Submitted: April 03, 2009
Quiz Categories: Bones
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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Bones Episodes Woman in Limbo
(Image Source: Bones @ Fox In Flight)

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1. What was the original air date of this episode?
  A.   October 12, 2005
  B.   December 19, 2005
  C.   May 17, 2006
  D.   April 2, 2007

2. What was the first title of Brennan's new book?
  A.   The Bone Identity
  B.   Bone Again
  C.   Bones Free
  D.   Bone Crazy

3. After the bones are identified as Christine Brennan, Booth drops by Temperance's place after midnight with what kind of food?
  A.   Ice cream
  B.   Italian
  C.   Pizza
  D.   Chinese

4. Brennan believed her mother to be a bookkeeper and her father to be a high-school Science teacher. But, upon investigation they found out that Christine Brennan did not even exist before 1978. What was her name before that year?
  A.   Jocelyne
  B.   Emelda
  C.   Diane
  D.   Ruth

5. Zach found a movie ticket inside the clothing with Christine Brennan's body. It was from 1993, almost two years after her initial disappearance. What movie was the ticket admission for?
  A.   Jurassic Park
  B.   Alive
  C.   The Fugitive
  D.   Malice

6. Brennan and her brother Russ used to have a code word game. What words did they say to each other?
  A.   Betty Boop
  B.   Marco Polo
  C.   Wacko Jacko
  D.   Scooby Doo

7. Russ revealed the real names he and his sister had before they became the Brennans. His name was Kyle, what was Temperance's name?
  A.   Heather
  B.   Melinda
  C.   Joy
  D.   Rachel

8. Booth found McVicar living on a pig farm. How did he introduce himself to Booth and Brennan when they arrived?
  A.   Nicholas Brendan
  B.   Wesley Price
  C.   Steve Beers
  D.   Jack Twist

9. At the end of the episode, Booth saw Brennan's manuscript again. This time the old title was crossed out. When he opened the title page, whom did he see that the book was dedicated to?
  A.   her team at the Jeffersonian
  B.   Russ
  C.   her parents, Matthew and Christine
  D.   himself

10. Did Temperance's father leave her a phone message at the end of the episode?
  A.   Yes
  B.   No
  C.   Sort of - he got cut off
  D.   none of the above®   

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