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Trivia Quiz - Romeo and Juliet: Act Three

Do you know what happens in act three of Romeo and Juliet?

Quiz Number: 1126
Date Submitted: April 23, 2007
Quiz Categories: Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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Romeo and Juliet Act Three
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1. How is Mercutio stabbed?
  A.   Romeo accidentially stabs him
  B.   Tybalt stabs Mercutio from under Romeo's arm
  C.   Mercutio falls on his own sword
  D.   none of the above

2. Who eventually kills Tybalt?
  A.   Juliet
  B.   Lord Capulet
  C.   Romeo
  D.   Mercutio

3. What punishment does the Prince impose on Romeo?
  A.   death
  B.   banishment
  C.   beheaded
  D.   no punishment

4. According to Friar Lawrence, what should have been Romeo's punishment?
  A.   banishment
  B.   beheaded
  C.   death
  D.   none of the above

5. Lord Capulet offered Juliet's hand in marriage to whom?
  A.   Paris
  B.   Romeo
  C.   Friar Lawerance
  D.   Friar John

6. Who does Lady Capulet believe Juliet is still crying for?
  A.   Romeo's banishment
  B.   Tybalts death
  C.   Mercutio's death
  D.   none of the above

7. How does Lord Capulet respond when Juliet says she does not want to marry Paris?
  A.   angry
  B.   hurt
  C.   disappointed
  D.   confused

8. What advice does the Nurse give Juliet near the end of Act III?
  A.   marry Romeo
  B.   marry Paris
  C.   runaway
  D.   kill yourself

9. What is Juliet's response to the nurse's advice?
  A.   no
  B.   yes

10. Why is Scene 1 considered the turning point (climax) in the play?
  A.   Lord Capulet accepts Paris' request to marry Juliet and says that the wedding will take place this Thursday.
  B.   Juliet is at first angry at Romeo for killing her cousin and condemns him
  C.   Mercutio and Tybalt taunt each other until they begin to fight for real.
  D.   The scene is the turning point of the play because Romeo and Juliet's love is at it highest point at the beginning of this scene®   

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