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Trivia Quizzes - Television Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Seinfeld: The Actresses Who Played Jerry's GirlfriendsSeinfeld, Television Stars  bill54949.2
2 The Price is RightTV Game Shows, Television Stars  dartjock8261
3 Abe Vigoda: Alive and KickingDrama Movies, Television StarsAbe Vigoda  Joe_512875.7
4 Actors & Actresses Last Movie & TV RolesMovie Stars, Television Stars  Samurai Sam43656.6
5 Adam West: Forever Batman!Television StarsAdam West  bill8342.3
6 Agnes Moorehead - Star of Stage, Screen, TV and RadioTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars, BewitchedAgnes R Moorehead  grant2286245.3
7 Alan Alda: Awesome Actor!Television Stars, M*A*S*HAlan Alda  dave13250
8 Alan Young - Young by Name and Young at HeartMovie Stars, Television StarsAlan Young  grant2281461.4
9 Allan Melvin--American ActorTelevision StarsAllan Melvin  0zero010550.9
10 Alyssa Milano: Cute American ActressTelevision StarsAlyssa Milano  tkellz16254.3
11 Angela Lansbury - Enduring and Gracious ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsAngela B Lansbury  grant2281552
12 Angie DickinsonMovie Stars, Television StarsAngie Dickinson  dave14456.6
13 Ann B. Davis: Funny Actress!The Brady Bunch, Television StarsAnn B Davis  bill10649.4
14 Annette Funicello- America's Favorite MouseketeerTelevision StarsAnnette Funicello  dartjock1254.2
15 Ashley JuddMovie Stars, Television StarsAshley Judd  bill3441.5
16 Audrey Meadows & Jayne Meadows: Hollywood SistersMovie Stars, Television StarsAudrey Meadows  bill3753.2
17 Barbara Eden: Lovely and Talented Actress!Television StarsBarbara Eden  charles20550.9
18 Barry Williams: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsBarry Williams  FRANKL19655656.8
19 Betty White: A Talented and Versatile ActressTelevision Stars, Hot In Cleveland, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowBetty White  0zero016747.5
20 Billy CrystalMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsBilly Crystal  bill1144.5
21 Billy Mays: King of PitchBusiness, American Culture, Television StarsBilly Mays  dartjock2752.6
22 Bob NewhartComedians, Television StarsBob Newhart  bill1553.3
23 Bonnie Franklin- Television ActressTelevision StarsBonnie Franklin  dartjock470
24 Brad Garrett: Towering ActorTelevision StarsBrad Garrett  bill3059
25 Bruce LeeMovie Stars, Television StarsBruce Lee  dartjock5249.8
26 Buddy Ebsen: Dancer, Actor & HumanitarianTelevision Stars, DancersBuddy Ebsen  bill31740.1
27 Candice Bergen: A Versatile ActressTelevision StarsCandice Bergen  lmcubs5754.6
28 Carl ReinerMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Television StarsCarl Reiner  bill6220.2
29 Carroll O'Connor: A Solid PerformerMovie Stars, Television Stars, All in the FamilyCarroll O'Connor  bill15152.3
30 Celebrities' Former ProfessionsMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill8737.5
31 Celebrities: Their Celebrity ChildrenMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs27560.5
32 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #2Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs15655.6
33 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #3Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem8179
34 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #4Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem6969.7
35 Celebrity Birthdates: 1950sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill6950.7
36 Celebrity Birthdates: 1960sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill8041.9
37 Celebrity Couples' Age DifferencesMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill24833.5
38 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska8748.6
39 Celebrity Mish-MashMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill31858
40 Celebrity RoommatesMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs7148.5
41 Cheech Marin: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsCheech Marin  bill8650.5
42 Chevy Chase: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsChevy Chase  lagunaxgirl5339.2
43 Chris Farley: His Comedy CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsChris Farley  bill10950.7
44 Christopher Knight: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsChristopher Knight  FRANKL19654552.2
45 Chuck Norris-Tough GuyMovies, Television StarsChuck Norris  dartjock2339.1
46 Clint Howard: Quintessential Second FiddleMovie Stars, Television StarsClint Howard  bill5445.6
47 Cloris Leachman: Enduring ActressMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowCloris Leachman  bill2353.9
48 Columbo: Guest StarsTelevision Stars, TV Dramas  Joe_513276.6
49 Columbo: Guest Stars Part 2American TV Dramas, Television Stars  Joe_511652.5
50 Craig T. NelsonMovie Stars, Television StarsCraig T Nelson  bill1446.4
51 Dana Plato - Troubled Child ActressTelevision StarsDana Plato  dartjock1660
52 Danny DeVito: His CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny DeVito  LittleLady10842.4
53 Danny Thomas: A Philanthropist and StarMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny Thomas  lmcubs10254
54 David Boreanaz: American ActorTelevision StarsDavid P Boreanaz  BubblyJolie24459.7
55 David Hasselhoff- 80's StarTelevision StarsDavid Hasselhoff  dartjock1348.5
56 David Hyde PierceTelevision Stars, FrasierDavid H Pierce  bill2662.7
57 David Spade - Hollywood Funny GuyMovie Stars, Television StarsDavid Spade  dave5761.8
58 Davy Jones: Teen IdolRock -n- Roll, Singers, Television Stars, The MonkeesDavy Jones  dartjock10053.3
59 Desi Arnaz: Cuban Band Leader and TV StarMusic, I Love Lucy, Television StarsDesi Arnaz  scarlettem20051
60 Dick Clark: TV LegendTV Game Shows, Television StarsDick Clark  lmcubs36748.8

Grand Averages for these 60 Quizzes     52.3

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