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Trivia Quizzes - Television Stars

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Seinfeld: The Actresses Who Played Jerry's GirlfriendsSeinfeld, Television Stars  bill64150.2
2 The Price is RightTV Game Shows, Television Stars  dartjock39857.6
3 Abe Vigoda: Timeless ActorDrama Movies, Television StarsAbe Vigoda  7477.7
4 Actors & Actresses Last Movie & TV RolesMovie Stars, Television Stars  Samurai Sam68557.7
5 Adam West: Forever Batman!Television StarsAdam West  bill17743.7
6 Agnes Moorehead - Star of Stage, Screen, TV and RadioTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars, BewitchedAgnes R Moorehead  grant22813443.2
7 Alan Alda: Awesome Actor!Television Stars, M*A*S*HAlan Alda  dave32548.4
8 Alan Young - Young by Name and Young at HeartMovie Stars, Television StarsAlan Young  grant2284554.2
9 Allan Melvin--American ActorTelevision StarsAllan Melvin  0zero016448.7
10 Alyssa Milano: Cute American ActressTelevision StarsAlyssa Milano  tkellz20552.7
11 Andy WilliamsSingers, Television StarsAndy Williams  BENJ9510853.7
12 Angela Lansbury - Enduring and Gracious ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsAngela B Lansbury  grant22811554.3
13 Angie DickinsonMovie Stars, Television StarsAngie Dickinson  dave22256.4
14 Ann B. Davis: Funny Actress!The Brady Bunch, Television StarsAnn B Davis  bill16346.9
15 Annette Funicello- America's Favorite MouseketeerTelevision StarsAnnette Funicello  dartjock13863.4
16 Ashley JuddMovie Stars, Television StarsAshley Judd  bill7439.7
17 Audrey Meadows & Jayne Meadows: Hollywood SistersMovie Stars, Television StarsAudrey Meadows  bill7648.9
18 Barbara Eden: Lovely and Talented Actress!Television StarsBarbara Eden  charles28050.8
19 Barry Williams: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsBarry Williams  FRANKL196510557.3
20 Betty White: A Talented and Versatile ActressTelevision Stars, Hot In Cleveland, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowBetty White  0zero029847.1
21 Billy CrystalMovie Stars, Comedians, Television StarsBilly Crystal  bill8449.4
22 Billy Mays: King of PitchBusiness, American Culture, Television StarsBilly Mays  dartjock5354.7
23 Bob NewhartComedians, Television StarsBob Newhart  bill16364.2
24 Bonnie Franklin- Television ActressTelevision StarsBonnie Franklin  dartjock2465.8
25 Brad Garrett: Towering ActorTelevision StarsBrad Garrett  bill5353.8
26 Brittany DanielMovie Stars, Television StarsBrittany Daniel  bill353.3
27 Bruce LeeMovie Stars, Television StarsBruce Lee  dartjock33164.9
28 Buddy Ebsen: Dancer, Actor & HumanitarianTelevision Stars, DancersBuddy Ebsen  bill36540.9
29 Burt Ward - More than Batman's SidekickTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Television StarsBurt J Ward  grant2283648.6
30 Candice Bergen: A Versatile ActressTelevision StarsCandice Bergen  lmcubs8854.2
31 Carl ReinerMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Television StarsCarl Reiner  bill9638.2
32 Carroll O'Connor: A Solid PerformerMovie Stars, Television Stars, All in the FamilyCarroll O'Connor  bill26653
33 Celebrities' Former ProfessionsMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill11939.2
34 Celebrities: Their Celebrity ChildrenMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs34561.3
35 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #2Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs19955.5
36 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #3Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem13277.4
37 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #4Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem12967.8
38 Celebrity Birthdates: 1950sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill8648.7
39 Celebrity Birthdates: 1960sMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill9441.2
40 Celebrity Couples' Age DifferencesMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill26834
41 Celebrity Drunks!Movie Stars, American Culture, Television Stars  KenKraska20649.5
42 Celebrity Mish-MashMovie Stars, Television Stars  bill40857.5
43 Celebrity RoommatesMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs13150.8
44 Cheech Marin: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsCheech Marin  bill9849.8
45 Chevy Chase: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsChevy Chase  lagunaxgirl7638.9
46 Chris Farley: His Comedy CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsChris Farley  bill21749.2
47 Christopher Knight: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsChristopher Knight  FRANKL19657252.6
48 Chuck Norris-Tough GuyMovies, Television StarsChuck Norris  dartjock6738.4
49 Clint Howard: Quintessential Second FiddleMovie Stars, Television StarsClint Howard  bill7745.3
50 Cloris Leachman: Enduring ActressMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowCloris Leachman  bill5948.5
51 Columbo: Guest StarsTelevision Stars, TV Dramas  7179.9
52 Columbo: Guest Stars Part 2American TV Dramas, Television Stars  5670.9
53 Craig T. NelsonMovie Stars, Television StarsCraig T Nelson  bill3649.4
54 Dana Plato - Troubled Child ActressTelevision StarsDana Plato  dartjock4958.2
55 Danny DeVito: His CareerMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny DeVito  LittleLady40536.1
56 Danny Thomas: A Philanthropist and StarMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny Thomas  lmcubs12354.3
57 David Boreanaz: American ActorTelevision StarsDavid P Boreanaz  BubblyJolie26560.4
58 David Hasselhoff- 80's StarTelevision StarsDavid Hasselhoff  dartjock12357.2
59 David Hyde PierceTelevision Stars, FrasierDavid H Pierce  bill7655.4
60 David Spade - Hollywood Funny GuyMovie Stars, Television StarsDavid Spade  dave9164.6
61 Davy Jones: Teen IdolRock -n- Roll, Singers, Television Stars, The MonkeesDavy Jones  dartjock22056.8
62 Desi Arnaz: Cuban Band Leader and TV StarMusic, I Love Lucy, Television StarsDesi Arnaz  scarlettem33949.5
63 Dick Clark: TV LegendTV Game Shows, Television StarsDick Clark  lmcubs53848.4
64 Dick Van DykeMovie Stars, Television StarsDick Van Dyke  bill21558.7
65 Dick York - More than just Darrin in BewitchedTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars, BewitchedDick York  grant22810054.2
66 Dixie CarterMovie Stars, Television StarsDixie Carter  bill2355.2
67 Don Knotts: Classic TV Actor!The Andy Griffith Show, Television StarsDon Knotts  bill1,18466.5
68 Donna Douglas: American Character ActressTelevision StarsDonna Douglas  0zero031349.3
69 Donna Reed: The Girl Next DoorMovie Stars, Television StarsDonna Reed  catherine16454.9
70 Doris RobertsTelevision StarsDoris Roberts  bill7244
71 Ed AsnerMovie Stars, Television Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowEd Asner  bill6157.9
72 Eddie Albert: A Lifetime of ActingTelevision StarsEddie Albert  krystal12861.5
73 Eddie MurphyMovie Stars, Comedy Movies, Television StarsEddie Murphy  dartjock9757.3
74 Elizabeth Montgomery: Beautiful Actress & PersonTelevision Stars, BewitchedElizabeth Montgomery  grant22816855.3
75 Emily DeschanelTelevision Stars  BubblyJolie18271.2
76 Ernest BorgnineMovie Stars, Television StarsErnest Borgnine  bill6760.3
77 Estelle Getty: A Golden GirlTelevision StarsEstelle Getty  LittleLady9536.4
78 Eva Gabor: More Than Mrs. Douglas!Television StarsEva Gabor  dana6263.4
79 Eve Plumb: American ActressThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsEve Plumb  FRANKL19659165.8
80 Famous July 4th BirthdaysSports, Movie Stars, Authors, Television Stars  solitaire5458
81 Famous People Named JonesMovie Stars, Culture, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs28177.8
82 Famous People Named MartinMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs40973.4
83 Famous Women Married to Famous MenMovie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem17982.9
84 Farrah Fawcett - Sex SymbolTelevision StarsFarrah Fawcett  dartjock5776.3
85 Faye DunawayMovie Stars, Television StarsFaye Dunaway  bill4820.6
86 Florence Henderson: Great Actress, Great Voice!Singers, The Brady Bunch, Television StarsFlorence Henderson  bill8842.5
87 Fran Drescher: Comic Genius!Comedians, Television StarsFran Drescher  bill15260.9
88 Fred Gwynne: More Than Just a Munster!Television StarsFred Gwynne  bill9558
89 Fred MacMurray: Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Television Stars, My Three SonsFred MacMurray  bill11262.9
90 Gavin MacLeodTelevision Stars, The Mary Tyler Moore ShowGavin MacLeod  bill5659.6
91 George Reeves: Too Short a SeasonTV Sci-Fi, Television StarsGeorge Reeves  2766.3
92 George WendtTelevision StarsGeorge Wendt  dartjock946.7
93 Guy WilliamsMovie Stars, Television StarsGuy Williams  bill2167.1
94 Hal HolbrookMovie Stars, Television StarsHal Holbrook  bill1353.8
95 Harry Morgan: Ready & Steady ActorTelevision Stars, M*A*S*HHarry Morgan  madman23057.9
96 Harvey Korman: Celebrity Personal FileTelevision StarsHarvey Korman  bill5655.4
97 Heather Locklear: One Beautiful ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsHeather D Locklear  dartjock2753.7
98 Heather Locklear: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Television StarsHeather D Locklear  bill5761.2
99 Henry Winkler - Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Television Stars, Happy DaysHenry Winkler  grant2289353
100 Jack Cassidy: Stage, Screen and Television StarDrama Movies, Television Stars, TV DramasJack Cassidy  4977.6

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