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Trivia Quiz - House Characters: Dr. Gregory House

How well do you know the bastard Dr. Gregory House of "House"?

Quiz Number: 731
Date Submitted: January 06, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, House
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 86.7 percent
Times Taken: 3,641 times
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House Characters Dr. Gregory House
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1. What is Dr. House's position at the hospital?
  A.   Head of Radiology
  B.   Owner of the hospital
  C.   Head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine
  D.   Head of the Department of Cancer Patients

2. What prescription medicine do you see House taking a lot?
  A.   Advil
  B.   Vicodin
  C.   Darvon
  D.   Cough Syrup

3. What hospital does House work at??
  A.   New age Hospital
  B.   Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
  C.   Princeton Teaching Hospital
  D.   Community General Hospital

4. What state does House live in??
  A.   New York
  B.   New Jersey
  C.   New Hampshere
  D.   Michigan

5. What is House's boss' name?
  A.   Dr. Allison Cameron
  B.   Dr. Robert Chase
  C.   Dr. Lisa Cuddy
  D.   Dr. James Wilson

6. Who typically sticks up the most for House?
  A.   Dr. Allison Cameron
  B.   Dr. James Wilson
  C.   Dr. Lisa Cuddy
  D.   Dr. Foreman

7. What is the diagnosis that his "lackies" are always saying it could be but House shoots them down??
  A.   Lupus
  B.   AIDS
  C.   HIV
  D.   faking it

8. Dr House is known for skipping what??
  A.   lunch
  B.   dinner
  C.   clinic duty
  D.   work

9. Who is House's only friend?
  A.   Dr. Cameron
  B.   Dr. Chase
  C.   Dr. Wilson
  D.   Dr. I can'trememberhisname

10. House is seen using what??
  A.   walker
  B.   cane
  C.   stick
  D.   none of the above®   

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