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Trivia Quiz - CSI: Las Vegas

How much do you know about the crime drama, "CSI: Las Vegas"?

Quiz Number: 2287
Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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CSI Las Vegas
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1. Who plays Gil Grissom in CSI: Las Vegas?
  A.   George Eads
  B.   Gary Dourdan
  C.   Paul Guilfoyle
  D.   William Petersen

2. In CSI: Las Vegas Jorja Fox plays what character?
  A.   Holly Gribbs
  B.   Sara Sidle
  C.   Catherine Willows
  D.   Marg Helgenberger

3. During the first two episodes of CSI: Las Vegas ("Pilot" and "Cool Change"), what happens to Holly Gribbs?
  A.   She becomes ill, and has to be replaced by Sara Sidle
  B.   Nothing, she does her job, just like the other "CSI"s
  C.   There is no Holly Gribbs
  D.   She is attacked and dies in the hospital

4. In CSI: Las Vegas, What prompts Grissom to tell Sara to investigate Warrick Brown?
  A.   Warrick left another "CSI" alone at a crime scene
  B.   Warrick has not been coming into work
  C.   Warrick is suspected of trafficking drugs
  D.   It is just Grissom's requirement to become a level3 "CSI"

5. In CSI: Las Vegas Warrick Brown has an addiction to what?
  A.   gambling
  B.   tobacco
  C.   drugs
  D.   alcohol

6. Jim Brass is played by which actor?
  A.   William Petersen
  B.   Paul Guilfoyle
  C.   George Eads
  D.   Gary Dourdan

7. What band does the theme song to the show in CSI: Las Vegas?
  A.   The Who
  B.   Bon Jovi
  C.   The Grateful Dead
  D.   None of the above

8. Who claims that Eddie, Catherine's ex-husband, raped her in CSI: Las Vegas? (it happened in the "Who Are You" episode)
  A.   his neighbor
  B.   his co-worker
  C.   his fellow parishoner
  D.   a dancer

9. In the episode "I-15 Murders," of CSI: Las Vegas, what type of substance does Grissom throw on the floor of the grocery store?
  A.   there is no substance on the floor, it is spilled on the shelf
  B.   ketchup
  C.   mustard
  D.   sweet relish

10. In CSI: Las Vegas, What does Grissom do with the substance he found on the grocery cart in the episode "I-15 Murders"?
  A.   swabs it
  B.   tastes it
  C.   throws it away
  D.   Nothing, he thinks it is of no importance®   

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