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Trivia Quizzes - Pop Music

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "A Whole New World" - A Beautiful Disney SongPop Music, Animated Movies  BubblyJolie19452.5
2 "Greatest Hits" and "Best of" Album TitlesRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  Samurai Sam23645.6
3 "Wild" Songs: Song Titles Featuring the Word "Wild"Music, Pop Music  FRANKL196516571.7
4 The Partridge Family: When We're Singing!American TV Sitcoms, Pop Music  solitaire77079.1
5 ABBA - Swedish Super GroupMusic, Pop Music  grant2285546.7
6 ABBA: Their Albums and SongsPop Music  krystal26449.1
7 Amy Grant BasicsPop Music, Christian MusicAmy Grant  bill19449.7
8 Animal-Titled SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL196514972.9
9 Aussie RockersPop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam9970.2
10 Band Names - How they were devisedPop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Rock  grant2289345.4
11 Barenaked Ladies-"If I Had a Million Dollars", and More!Music, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam1248.3
12 Billy Joel: Piano ManPop Music, SingersBilly Joel  lmcubs18859.5
13 Boy Bands: Who Sang it?Pop Music  FRANKL19659780.1
14 Boz ScaggsJazz and Blues, Pop Music, Rock MusicBoz Scaggs  bill6062.7
15 Britney Spears: Ooops!...I Wrote This About YouPop MusicBritney Spears  bill62181.3
16 Bubblegum Pop Music!Pop Music, Psychedelic Rock  Samurai Sam9557.2
17 Cher: Diverse Actress and SingerPop Music Cher  krystal25068.3
18 Chicago: The BandRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL196528264.9
19 Christina Aguilera: Her MusicPop MusicChristina Aguilera  catherine17156.3
20 Coldplay: Brit Pop MastersMusic, Pop Music, Alternative Rock  Samurai Sam1750
21 David Bowie: Influential MusicianPop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Glam RockDavid Bowie  bill7277.8
22 Earth, Wind & FireJazz and Blues, Pop Music, R&B Music, Rock Music  bill14453.4
23 Edible Songs: Songs with Foods in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL196511568.7
24 Elton John - SuperstarMusic, Pop Music, SingersElton H John  grant2284662
25 Fleetwood Mac: Rock GiantPop Music, Rock Music  bill7859
26 Genesis: The First DecadePop Music, Progressive Rock  catherine54868.2
27 Get the KnackMusic, Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Rock  Samurai Sam4654.8
28 Gold and Silver: SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19657148.7
29 Hillel SlovakPop Music, Rock MusicHillel Slovak  1018421052
30 Hot and Cold SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196513064
31 Howards & Howies: Which One is Which?Movie Stars, Pop Music, Fictional Characters  Samurai Sam8051
32 Huey Lewis is "Hip to be Square!"Rock -n- Roll, Pop MusicHuey Lewis  lmcubs6337.9
33 J.D. Souther: American SongwriterRock -n- Roll, Pop MusicJ.D. Souther  phonerec31668.4
34 Jennifer Lopez: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie Stars, Pop MusicJennifer Lopez  bill13856.4
35 Jim Reeves: Country Music StarCountry Music, Pop MusicJim Reeves  scarlettem23763.6
36 Jimi Hendrix - "a rock demi-god"Music, Pop MusicJimi Hendrix  grant2282770
37 John Mayer: Born & RaisedPop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Jazz RockJohn Mayer  Samurai Sam8356.1
38 Justin Bieber - Part IIPop Music, SingersJustin Bieber  belieber6358.4
39 Karen Carpenter-Voice of an Angel - Gone Too SoonPop Music, SingersKaren Carpenter  0zero01,78063.1
40 Karen Carpenter: A Friend of MinePop Music, SingersKaren Carpenter  #1KACFAN60660.2
41 Leif GarrettDisco, Pop Music, R&B Music, Rock MusicLeif Garrett  1756.5
42 Linda Ronstadt: Versatile SingerPop MusicLinda Ronstadt  madman1,16363.2
43 Madonna: Personal Life of a CelebrityPop MusicMadonna Ciccone  martha11960.3
44 Memorable Movie TunesPop Music, Musical Movies  grant22811552.1
45 Michael Jackson's Thriller AlbumPop MusicMichael Jackson  bill97563.7
46 Michael Jackson- Beyond the MusicPop MusicMichael Jackson  dartjock3958.2
47 Michael Jackson- King of PopPop MusicMichael Jackson  dartjock5861.9
48 Night & Day Songs: Songs With Night or Day in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19658572.8
49 Number SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, R&B Music  Samurai Sam23962.1
50 One Hit Wonders of the 1960sMusic, Pop Music  Samurai Sam20356.3
51 One Hit Wonders: 70's DecadePop Music  FRANKL196512060.9
52 One More for the Road: Songs about RoadwaysMusic, Pop Music  FRANKL19656264.2
53 Paula Abdul: Personal Life of a CelebrityMusic, Pop MusicPaula Abdul  0zero012452.5
54 Perry Como, A Favorite American CroonerPop Music, SingersPerry Como  phonerec11453.9
55 Pop Music PartnersMusic, Pop Music  grant2285471.3
56 Pop Music TidbitsPop Music  ravioli13165.5
57 Pop Songs Used in CommercialsPop Music, Business  Samurai Sam21857.9
58 Posthumous SinglesRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  Samurai Sam10139.7
59 Randy Newman: His MusicPop Music, SingersRandy Newman  Samurai Sam4962.2
60 Rat Pack - Fun Unlimited!Pop Music  scarlettem49753.4
61 Rat Pack - Still Havin' Fun!Movie Stars, Pop Music  lmcubs10163.1
62 Record Albums of the 1960s, Part 1Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam20379.2
63 Right and Wrong SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19656354
64 Robin Gibb: Bee Gees Co-FounderDisco, Pop Music, SingersRobin H Gibb  dartjock16667.8
65 Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #1Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196517141.5
66 Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #2Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196516539
67 Rock Drummers: Name the DrummerRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19659175.1
68 Rock Keyboardists: Name the KeyboardistRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19653868.4
69 Rock Songs with the Word "Rain" in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  bill21071
70 Rock Songs with the Word "Sun" in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  martha18263.8
71 Second Hits After First HitsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  Samurai Sam8140.6
72 Songs of ColorMusic, Pop Music  FRANKL19656472.7
73 Songs of Color: Part 2Music, Pop Music, Rock Music  Samurai Sam4061.5
74 Spice Girls: English Pop Girl GroupPop Music  lmcubs11673.7
75 Stevie Wonder: His Early CareerPop Music, SingersStevie Wonder  bill9445.1
76 Taylor Swift Lyric MatchPop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie6443.9
77 Taylor Swift: Secret MessagesCountry Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie6961
78 Taylor Swift: Secret Messages Part 2Country Music, Pop MusicTaylor Swift  BubblyJolie3548.9
79 The Bee Gees: English Pop GroupDisco, Pop Music  solitaire68368
80 The Carpenters: Dynamic Musical DuoPop Music  #1KACFAN12546.9
81 Tina Turner - Rock Queen of the AgesMusic, Pop Music, SingersTina Turner  grant2284847.3
82 Tom Jones - Ageless SuperstarMusic, Pop Music, SingersTom Jones  grant22811052.9
83 We Didn't Start the Fire: Lyric ChallengePop Music  FRANKL196519271.8
84 Whitney Houston: Pop DivaPop Music, SingersWhitney Houston  dartjock30374
85 Who Performed It? - Alice Cooper or Donny Osmond?Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music  Ummagumma19576.7
86 Who Sang It? Ambrosia, America, Bread or Firefall?Pop Music  FRANKL19654771.5
87 Who Sang These Songs?Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec62258.4
88 Who Sang These Songs? Part 2Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec44959.9

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