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Trivia Quiz - Julia Roberts Basics

How well do you know Julia Roberts? Written by BubblyJolie.

Quiz Number: 658
Date Submitted: November 19, 2006
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 55.1 percent
Times Taken: 193 times
Taken by Registered Users: 40
Quiz is about: Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts Basics
(Image Source: Julie Roberts Public Domain Photo)

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1. What is Julia Roberts's middle name?
  A.   Mae
  B.   Fiona
  C.   Marie
  D.   Platt

2. In what state was Julia Roberts born?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   California
  C.   Georgia
  D.   Minnesota

3. Who was Julia Roberts's first husband?
  A.   Daniel Moder
  B.   Lyle Lovett
  C.   Russell Crowe
  D.   Benjamin Brat

4. What are the names of Julia Roberts's twins?
  A.   Hazel and Phil
  B.   Phil and Patrcia
  C.   Hazel and Phinn
  D.   Patrica and Walter

5. What was the first movie in which Julia Roberts starred (credited role)?
  A.   "Baja Oklahoma"
  B.   "Satisfaction" aka "Girls of Summer"
  C.   "Mystic Pizza"
  D.   "Blood Red"

6. As a child, Julia Roberts dreamed of being what?
  A.   fashion model
  B.   actress
  C.   reporter
  D.   veterinarian

7. For which of the following movies did Julia Roberts NOT work in the role of excuctive producer?
  A.   "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure" (2005)
  B.   "Stepmom" (1998)
  C.   "King of Queens" (2003)
  D.   "America's Sweethearts" (2001)

8. In which of the following films did Julia Roberts play the role of Maggie Carpenter?
  A.   "Runaway Bride"
  B.   "Notting Hill"
  C.   "The Pelican Brief"
  D.   "Ocean's Twelve"

9. Julia Roberts won her first Academy Award for her role in what film?
  A.   "The Pelican Brief" (1993)
  B.   "Ocean's Twelve" (2004)
  C.   "Notting Hill" (1999)
  D.   "Erin Brockovich" (2000)

10. Julia Roberts has given a great deal of her time and resources to what charity?
  B.   Tibetan Children's Village
  C.   The Humane Society
  D.   Global Relief Foundation®   

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