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Trivia Quizzes - Business

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 20th Century InventorsScience & Nature, Business  dave24349.4
2 ADT: The World's Largest Security CompanyBusiness, Your Work Place Quizzes  dartjock3256.6
3 Airline SlogansBusiness  FRANKL19659551.3
4 Andrew Carnegie - Millionaire Businessman and PhilanthropistAmerican History, Business  grant22826960.8
5 Barbie: What a Doll!Business, Culture  lmcubs16146.2
6 Beanie Babies: The Original NineBusiness  FRANKL196515572.7
7 Beer Slogans: Alcohol AdvertisingBusiness, Culture  phonerec1,09166.7
8 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Celebrity-Inspired FlavorsBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  FRANKL196520255.4
9 Bill Gates - Influential Man of the CenturyBusinessBill Gates  grant2282645
10 Billy Mays: King of PitchBusiness, American Culture, Television StarsBilly Mays  dartjock3654.2
11 Budweiser: "King of Beers"Business, Food & Drink  dartjock68856.5
12 Campbells Soup: So Many Varieties!Business, Food & Drink  Samurai Sam42833.6
13 Cereal Mascots: The 1950s and 1960sBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  Samurai Sam36040.8
14 Cigarette Commercials of the 50s and 60sTV, Radio & Stage, Business  Samurai Sam66861
15 Colonel John J. Astor: Titanic VictimAmerican History, BusinessJohn J Astor IV  scarlettem6149.7
16 Colonel Sanders: Finger Lickin' Restauranteur!BusinessHarland Sanders  phonerec13146.1
17 Commercial Spokespersons & Their ProductsBusiness  Samurai Sam12253.4
18 Company AcronymsBusiness  FRANKL19655451.3
19 Company FoundersBusiness  tazzytina12746.1
20 Early Television Shows & Their SponsorsTV, Radio & Stage, Business  Samurai Sam17156.5
21 Famous Homes and Properties and their PeopleBusiness  dave8240.4
22 Fast Food: Calorie CountBusiness, Food & Drink  FRANKL19657634.3
23 Food & Drink Fads: The 1950s and 1960sBusiness, Food & Drink  Samurai Sam93035.3
24 Hotel Advertising SlogansBusiness  FRANKL19658245.4
25 Howard HughesMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, BusinessHoward Hughes  bill10155.8
26 Jack Daniel: Southern BusinessmanBusinessJack Daniel  scarlettem19858.1
27 Kentucky Whiskey DistilleriesBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  bill2651.5
28 Kool-Aid: Original FlavorsBusiness, Food & Drink  FRANKL196513470.1
29 Larry Flynt - Constitutional ChampionAmerican History, Business, Culture, American CultureLarry Flynt  grant2281154.5
30 Let's Get Sirius!TV, Radio & Stage, Business, Radio  Samurai Sam5244.8
31 Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook FounderBusiness, American Culture, VariousMark Zuckerberg  grant228536
32 McDonald's CorporationBusiness  bill11457.5
33 McDonald's Corporation: Part #2Business, American Culture  dartjock4344.7
34 Mitt RomneyBusiness, American GovernmentMitt Romney  bill15063.7
35 MySpace: International CommunityBusiness, Technology  BubblyJolie3640.6
36 Non-Profit Group FoundersBusiness  catherine11850.8
37 Oliver Winchester - American Businessman and PoliticianAmerican History, Business, TechnologyOliver Winchester  patrickryan861.3
38 People Magazine FactsLiterature, Business  FRANKL196511949.9
39 Pop Songs Used in CommercialsPop Music, Business  Samurai Sam20657.6
40 Product MascotsBusiness, American Culture  FRANKL196511683.5
41 Product SlogansBusiness, American Culture  ravioli7,10249.3
42 Product Slogans #2Business, American Culture  bill80267.6
43 Product Slogans #3Business, American Culture  tazzytina37877.3
44 Product Slogans #4Business, American Culture  lmcubs24747.7
45 Ray Kroc - Fast Food GeniusBusiness, Culture, American Culture, Food & DrinkRay A Kroc  grant2283154.2
46 Richard Branson - Virgin MastermindBusiness, Culture, Various  grant2283649.4
47 Rupert Murdoch - Global Media MogulBusinessRupert Murdoch  grant2282039.5
48 Samuel Colt: Weapons InnovatorAmerican History, Business, TechnologySamuel Colt  patrickryan4336.7
49 Saturn-A Different Kind of Car CompanyBusiness, Culture, American Culture, Automotive Industry, Various  Samurai Sam3253.1
50 Snapple: The DrinkBusiness, Food & Drink  FRANKL19656354.9
51 Soda Pop Advertising SlogansBusiness  Samurai Sam1,10538.5
52 SS Edmund Fitzgerald: "Queen of the Lakes"American History, Business, American Culture  bill9567.7
53 Steve Jobs: American Inventor & CEOBusiness, TechnologySteve Jobs  FRANKL19657045.3
54 The Coca-Cola CompanyBusiness  bill36156.1
55 The World Of Walt DisneyAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, BusinessWalt Disney  dave1,51561.9
56 Thomas Edison - The Wizard of Menlo ParkScience & Nature, Business, American CultureThomas A Edison  grant2281657.5
57 Thomas Edison: American InventorBusiness, Technology, American CultureThomas A Edison  bill46643
58 U S Presidential Thoughts on SuccessAmerican History, American Presidents, Business  grant2281437.1
59 U.S. Newspapers: Part IBusiness, North American Geography  FRANKL19653077
60 U.S. Newspapers: Part IIBusiness, North American Geography  FRANKL19651551.3
61 WalmartBusiness  dartjock47254.4
62 Warren Buffett - American Business SuperstarBusiness, VariousWarren Buffett  grant2282244.5
63 Where Did These Companies Start? Part 1Business  lmcubs9743
64 Where Did These Companies Start? Part 2Business  lmcubs8040.5
65 William Boeing - The Father of Commercial AviationAmerican History, Business  grant2287932.4

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