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Trivia Quiz - Bones Episodes: "The Woman at the Airport"

"Bones" Episodes: "The Woman at the Airport" quiz.

Quiz Number: 1524
Date Submitted: August 19, 2007
Quiz Categories: Bones
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 74.5 percent
Times Taken: 11 times
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Bones Episodes The Woman at the Airport
(Image Source: Bones)

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1. What was the Original air date of "the Woman at the airport"?
  A.   January 25, 2005
  B.   January 25, 2006
  C.   March 13, 2005
  D.   December 13, 2006

2. Where were the remains located?
  A.   Los Angeles International Airport
  B.   Bob Hope Airport
  C.   Long Beach Aiport
  D.   John Wayne Airport

3. What animal scattered the body remains?
  A.   vultures
  B.   coyotes
  C.   mountain lions
  D.   none of the above

4. What agent is assigned to help Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth?
  A.   Agent Betty Long
  B.   Agent Tricia Long
  C.   Agent Tricia Finn
  D.   Agent Betty Finn

5. What made it almost impossible to identify the body?
  A.   the bite marks on the skull
  B.   the way it was smashed
  C.   there were pieces missing
  D.   The plastic surgery of the bone

6. What could help ID the body?
  A.   her breast implants
  B.   she had a metal pin in her shoulder
  C.   a metal pin in her elbow
  D.   she had broken bones all over her body at one point in time

7. What was the victim's first name?
  A.   Don
  B.   Kayla
  C.   Elane
  D.   Racheal

8. Where had the victim been shortly before her death?
  A.   a pool
  B.   a marina
  C.   a lake
  D.   none of the above

9. What was the victim's profession?
  A.   prostitute
  B.   secretary
  C.   CEO
  D.   typist

10. Who was the killer?
  A.   Leo
  B.   Lenard
  C.   Barbra
  D.   Leslie®   

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