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Trivia Quiz - Bones Episodes: "The Man in the SUV"

What do you know about "Bones" episode called "The Man in the SUV"?

Quiz Number: 1531
Date Submitted: August 18, 2007
Quiz Categories: Bones
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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Bones Episodes The Man in the SUV
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1. In the opening scene, the camera pans over an building. What does the sign in front of the building say?
  A.   Arab-American Friendship League
  B.   Turkish-American Friendship League
  C.   Arab Embassy
  D.   The Jeffersonian

2. What do we notice about the man who leaves the building and gets into the car?
  A.   he is drunk
  B.   he looks ill
  C.   he stole the car
  D.   he is carrying a gun

3. Which member of Brennan's team is with her when she meets Booth at the crime scene?
  A.   Hodgins
  B.   Addy
  C.   Angela
  D.   Camille

4. When Brennan is examining Hamid Masruk's body, she tells Booth she needs four things. Surgical gloves, masks and sterile bags and what?
  A.   vegetable oil
  B.   corn oil
  C.   cooking oil
  D.   olive oil

5. Who says this line? "I wish this was the worst thing I'd seen."
  A.   Booth
  B.   Hodgins
  C.   Addy
  D.   Brennan

6. Zach uses beetles to get the flesh off of burn victims:
  A.   true
  B.   false

7. In this episode, we find out that Booth has a girlfriend. What is her name?
  A.   Tessa
  B.   Jessica
  C.   Jolie
  D.   Qwen

8. Masruk was a:
  A.   transvestite
  B.   terrorist
  C.   dog trainer
  D.   child molestor

9. After Booth and Brennan interview Masruk's wife, Booth comes out with an assumption about her. What is it?
  A.   that she murdered him
  B.   that she was having an affair
  C.   that she paid someone to plant the bomb
  D.   that she loved her husband very much

10. What was causing Masruk's illness?
  A.   he caught a disease from his brother
  B.   a childhood illness
  C.   toxins that were used in the bomb
  D.   someone poisoned him®   

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