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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 All You Ever Wanted to Know About Samurai SamPersonal Quizzes  Samurai Sam1633.8
2 Bill Brauer: PeopleQuiz FounderPersonal QuizzesBill G. Brauer  bill3347.6
3 Brains & Beauty: All You Need to Know About BubblyJoliePersonal Quizzes  BubblyJolie2046.5
4 Freddies Freeze as of Opening Day, 2009Personal Quizzes  eyelessgavin1057
5 Grantz- Beagle BasicsPersonal Quizzes  GrantBeagle1545.3
6 life and times of Secret_AuthorPersonal Quizzes  Secret_Author1843.9
7 LMCUBS - The Mystery is SolvedPersonal Quizzes  lmcubs1236.7
8 Phonrec: It's all about ME!!!!Personal Quizzes  phonerec1954.2
9 The "0" Quiz---Not Just A NumberPersonal Quizzes  0zero02243.6
10 The Geography of lmcubsPersonal Quizzes  lmcubs1243.3
11 The PeopleQuiz Match GamePersonal Quizzes  bill1856.1
12 The Phoebe FactsPersonal Quizzes  scarlettem1658.8

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