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Trivia Quiz - Stevie Wonder: His Early Career

I love Stevie Wonder!

Quiz Number: 2810
Date Submitted: August 17, 2008
Quiz Categories: Pop Music, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Stevie Wonder

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Stevie Wonder His Early Career
(Image Source: Stevie Wonder @ Wikimedia)

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1. Stevie was born Stevland Hardaway Judkins and later changed his last name to Morris. Who was the first one to call him "Little Stevie Wonder"?
  A.   his mother
  B.   Motown CEO Berry Gordy
  C.   Ronnie White of The Miracles
  D.   Smokey Robinson

2. What was Stevie Wonder's first song to hit #1 on the U.S. pop chart?
  A.   "Castles in the Sand"
  B.   "I Call It Pretty Music, But the Old People Call It the Blues"
  C.   "Soul Bongo"
  D.   "Fingertips [Part 2]"

3. The lyrics of the Stevie Wonder song, "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" depicts a story. What is it?
  A.   a young man who recovers from drug addiction
  B.   a poor young man's appreciation for a rich girl's seeing beyond his poverty to his true worth.
  C.   a young girl who recovers from depression
  D.   a young man's recovery from alcoholism

4. What 1960s Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' #1 hit single did Wonder co-write?
  A.   "Tears of a Clown"
  B.   "Shop Around"
  C.   "Going to a Go-Go"
  D.   "You've Really Got a Hold on Me"

5. In 1968, Wonder recorded an album of instrumental soul/jazz tracks, mostly harmonica solos, under what pseudonym (and title)?
  A.   "Dark Glasses"
  B.   "Wonder Who?"
  C.   "Eivets Rednow"
  D.   "Beets Randolph"

6. On what album would you find the 1968 song "Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day"?
  A.   "For Once in My Life"
  B.   "My Cherie Amour"
  C.   "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered"
  D.   "Where I'm Coming From"

7. What instrument did Stevie Wonder play on Jimi Hendrix's cover of "I Was Made to Love Her" on the BBC Sessions album (original sessions recorded in 1967 and 1969)?
  A.   bongos
  B.   bass
  C.   piano
  D.   drums

8. Why did Stevie leave Motown records in 1971?
  A.   he wanted more money
  B.   to have more creative control over his music
  C.   Motown would not give him a contract extension
  D.   he was not allowed to select his own backup singers

9. What is the name of Stevie Wonder's backup group?
  A.   Wonderful
  B.   Wonderfriends
  C.   Wondergroup
  D.   Wonderlove

10. Stevie Wonder originally wrote "Superstition" for a friend while completing his 1973 album "Talking Book." Who was the friend?
  A.   Jeff Beck
  B.   Gladys Knight
  C.   Paul McCartney
  D.   Bob Marley®   

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