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Trivia Quiz - One Hit Wonders of the 1960s

Artists who made the big time in the 1960s pop charts...and never did it again. One Hit Wonders!

Quiz Number: 2843
Date Submitted: September 22, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music, Pop Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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One Hit Wonders of the 1960s
(Image Source: James Taylor @ Studio

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1. This 1960 one hit wonder by the Hollywood Argyles about a comic strip character was the first song played by Chicago superstation WLS when it changed formats to pop music. What was the song?
  A.   "What Dagwood Says"
  B.   "The Mary Worth Blues"
  C.   "Dick Tracy Always Gets His Man"
  D.   "Alley Oop"

2. What 1961 song by one hit wonders for The Jarmels was recorded by two hit wonder Nigel Olsson in 1979?
  A.   "A Little Bit of Soap"
  B.   "Dancin' Shoes"
  C.   "Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bomp Bomp?"
  D.   "The Wayward Wind"

3. What song was recorded by The Spokesmen in 1965 as a response to Barry McGuire's hit "Eve of Destruction"?
  A.   "Day of Reckoning"
  B.   "Dawn of Correction"
  C.   "Night of Remembrance"
  D.   "Hour of Silence"

4. What recording artist became a one hit wonder with "Little Arrows" in 1968?
  A.   Leapy Lee
  B.   Jumpy Jim
  C.   Bouncy Bob
  D.   Hopping Henry

5. Although this 1968 recording was a one hit wonder for Merilee Rush, a 1981 cover version by country singer Juice Newton did even better on the pop chart. What was the song?
  A.   "Elusive Butterfly"
  B.   "Kiss an Angel Good Morning"
  C.   "Harper Valley PTA"
  D.   "Angel of the Morning"

6. The Standells became a one hit wonder when they recorded what 1966 song about, of all things, a polluted river?
  A.   "Stagnant Water"
  B.   "Dirty Water"
  C.   "Deadly Water"
  D.   "Don't Drink the Water"

7. Former Bread singer-songwriter David Gates wrote what 1964 song, that became the only hit single for The Murmaids?
  A.   "Johnny Get Angry"
  B.   "You Don't Own Me"
  C.   "Norman"
  D.   "Popsicles and Icicles"

8. Two one hit wonders recorded this car song in 1960 but it was a 1972 remake, also recorded by a one hit wonder, that scored the highest on the pop chart? What was this song?
  A.   "Little Deuce Coupe"
  B.   "Hot Rod Lincoln"
  C.   "409"
  D.   "Hey Little Cobra"

9. Singer-songwriter James Taylor was a member of what one hit wonder band, who got as high as number 5 in 1969 with "Smile a Little Smile for Me"?
  A.   Brooklyn Bridge
  B.   Neon Philharmonic
  C.   The Flying Machine
  D.   The Youngbloods

10. In a strange twist of fate the lead singer of this group, who became one hit wonders in 1966 with "The Cheater" was murdered by the boyfriend of his cheating wife. What was the name of the group?
  A.   The T-Bones
  B.   Bob Kuban and the In-Men
  C.   The Tremeloes
  D.   The Inner Sanctum®   

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