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Trivia Quiz - Karen Carpenter: A Friend of Mine

I knew Karen Carpenter for over 12 years and felt she was like a big sister to me. I miss her deeply and no one can replace her amazing voice or personality. This is my tribute quiz to Karen. -Robin

Quiz Number: 2945
Date Submitted: December 10, 2008
Quiz Categories: Pop Music, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: #1KACFAN
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Quiz is about: Karen Carpenter

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Karen Carpenter A Friend of Mine
(Image Source: Piano Man)

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1. Which of the following songs was on Karen Carpenter's solo album?
  A.   Can't Smile Without You
  B.   All of My Life
  C.   Close to You
  D.   Last One Singing the Blues

2. In 1968, Karen Carpenter was a member of what group?
  A.   Fifth Dimension
  B.   Disney’s Coke Corner
  C.   Spectrum
  D.   Stone Ponies

3. In Karen Carpenter’s bedroom in her Downey house, she had a large collection of:
  A.   Drum sets
  B.   Tee-shirts from places that her and Richard had toured
  C.   Mickey Mouse items
  D.   Coffee mugs

4. What was Karen Carpenter’s all time favorite song?
  A.   I Just Fall In Love Again
  B.   I Need to Be in Love
  C.   All of My Life
  D.   Make Believe It’s Your First Time

5. Karen Carpenter auditioned for what major motion picture?
  A.   Star Wars
  B.   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  C.   True Grit
  D.   Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

6. Karen Carpenter owned what model car?
  A.   Mercedes "S" Class
  B.   Cadillac El Dorado
  C.   Ford Mustang
  D.   Jaguar XJS

7. What did Karen Carpenter most enjoy doing to unwind?
  A.   Crocheting
  B.   Knitting
  C.   Singing in the shower
  D.   Doing needlepoint

8. What was Karen Carpenter’s favorite holiday?
  A.   Fourth of July
  B.   Thanksgiving
  C.   Christmas
  D.   New Years Day

9. Karen Carpenter’s favorite type of food was:
  A.   Mexican
  B.   Chinese
  C.   Greek
  D.   French

10. Karen Carpenter loved her mom’s homemade:
  A.   BBQ chicken
  B.   Chili
  C.   Shrimp salad
  D.   Beef stroganoff®   

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